FNM de Cuba – National Drug Formulary Cuba (Android version)

FNM de Cuba

National Drug Formulary Cuba (Android version)

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Android devices version of the National Drug Formulary Cuba, complementing the work done by specialists Editorial Committee the main form whose content is available in print and digital format online, as a source of information Virtual Health Library of Cuba belonging to National Information Center of Medical Sciences Infomed .

It contains reliable and updated information on more than 750 drugs, as well as around 500 active ingredients. Such information is contextualized to our circumstances, because it is a base of drugs circulating in Cuba with specific aspects of the National Health System.

Disclaimer: The contents found in the National Drug Formulary are mainly aimed at health professionals. The information we provide should not be used under any circumstances as a basis for prescribing treatments or medications without medical guidance.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/4Hn2FI


Pilluling – Take pills, medication, scheduler.Store prescriptions.Pill reminder.


Take pills, medication, scheduler.Store prescriptions.Pill reminder.

Pilluling screenshot 0Pilluling screenshot 1Pilluling screenshot 2Pilluling screenshot 3Pilluling screenshot 4Pilluling screenshot 5Pilluling screenshot 6Pilluling screenshot 7Pilluling screenshot 8Pilluling screenshot 9Pilluling screenshot 10Pilluling screenshot 11

There are additional power management options on devices from different vendors (Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc) that can prevent Pilluling from notifying about your medication in time. Please add Pilluling to ‘white list’ in power management. Please consult your device’s manual.

Pilluling helps you to plan your daily medication schedule and store prescriptions and doctor recommendations for future reference.
Our app will remind you to take pills during the day or night, and helps to go back on track if you missed your dose.
You can customise alerts and create your own reminder to help you take the full course of your medicine.
This is the most user friendly medication reminder.
You can snooze notifications automatically on selected days (set in Settings->Notifications).

Premium features: Auto-backup to Google drive, manual CSV export, manual export\import to OS defined services.
Open Beta testing program – play.google.com/apps/testing/ru.pilluling.android

See detail information: https://goo.gl/cazZhA

Medicalcul – Medical calculator with many scores and formulas.


Medical calculator with many scores and formulas.

Medicalcul screenshot 0Medicalcul screenshot 1Medicalcul screenshot 2Medicalcul screenshot 3Medicalcul screenshot 4Medicalcul screenshot 5Medicalcul screenshot 6Medicalcul screenshot 7Medicalcul screenshot 8Medicalcul screenshot 9Medicalcul screenshot 10Medicalcul screenshot 11

– Medicalcul is a medical calculator to calculate various scores and formulas (creatinine clearance, Apgar score, body surface area burned … you can see the complete list on medicalcul.free.fr/_indexalpha.html ). Once installed, the software prompts you to update to retrieve data from the website medicalcul.free.fr. Once done, you can use Medicalcul offline, without the need for network access. The software periodically checks for changes and notifies you if an update is available, so you can restart the import files. To save your data plan, you can choose to update when you have a WiFi connection.
  – It is of course possible to add scores or formulas, and you can contact me on purpose. If you have references to news that you would like added, thank you to contact me in order to save time in my research.
  – Medicalcul is only available in French. Special Information for the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia): Depending on your network operator, it may have problems importing data servers, or that can not all get them. Indeed, much of the Maghreb ISPs are blacklisted in France for piracy problems. Try from another connection, it can work, but the use of this software in these countries can not be guaranteed.
     – Dr. P. Mignard, PH Emergency Service / SMUR, CH Marne-la-Vallée (77) –

See detail information: https://goo.gl/VzSKcE

Apteka.RU – Order any medicines and get an order at your local pharmacy!


Order any medicines and get an order at your local pharmacy!

Apteka.RU screenshot 0Apteka.RU screenshot 1Apteka.RU screenshot 2Apteka.RU screenshot 3Apteka.RU screenshot 4Apteka.RU screenshot 5Apteka.RU screenshot 6Apteka.RU screenshot 7Apteka.RU screenshot 8Apteka.RU screenshot 9Apteka.RU screenshot 10Apteka.RU screenshot 11Apteka.RU screenshot 12Apteka.RU screenshot 13

Apteka.RU: order any products from your Android for a minute and get the order at your local pharmacy!
Apteka.RU mobile application is designed to quickly search and order of medicines and beauty products and health on the site of the Russian service Apteka.RU.
Take a few seconds to download the free application – will get more free time and an opportunity to save.
The mobile application is Apteka.RU:
– Instant search the database of more than 10,000 beauty products and health;
– Delivery of the order to any of the 12,000 pharmacies in 95 Russian cities;
– Easily search by name or by means of the active substance;
– Quick ordering – even easier than on the site;
– No unnecessary functions;
– Regular free updates that will make the application more comfortable and functional.
With Apteka.RU application you can find the necessary funds and an order anywhere in Russia, where there is Internet!

See more information: https://goo.gl/jbJMFs

Audio Digest Membership – Members only. Not a member? http://www.audiodigest.org/ or call 800-423-2308.

Audio Digest Membership

Members only. Not a member? http://www.audiodigest.org/ or call 800-423-2308.

Audio Digest Membership screenshot 0Audio Digest Membership screenshot 1Audio Digest Membership screenshot 2Audio Digest Membership screenshot 3Audio Digest Membership screenshot 4

As an Audio Digest Member, you now have access to the most advanced and exciting service in Audio Digest
Foundation’s 62 year history. ADF Membership is designed to keep you up to date with the most clinically
relevant content, while helping you manage your individual learning and Continuing Medical Education

Experience your content through a host of features; use faceted search to add content,
create automated playlists and stream or download lectures for convenient offline access. Use our
audio controls to rewind 30 seconds or listen at 1.5x speed to get the most out of your content.
You won’t waste a moment of your time, as your progress is synched between your mobile
devices and computers.

Here are some examples of key functionality:

• PERSONAL LIBRARY – The library allows you to easily add lectures for quick access and keeps
you current on your progress on each individual lecture. Use your library to manage your content,
add, delete and make playlists.

• FACETED SEARCH – Our faceted search allows you to efficiently find the content you need and store
it in your personal library. You can even save your searches as a custom playlist.

• PLAYLISTS – You can quickly create a custom playlist to manage your content. Create a playlist
to group your content by topic and listen to several courses back to back. An Autoload playlist
automatically adds new content as it becomes available, ensuring you keep up to date with the
latest material of interest to you.

• RECOMMENDATIONS – Platinum helps streamline the discovery process by serving up recommendations
based on your individual profile. The recommendations module will suggest lectures that might be
of interest or that help satisfy a particular CME requirement.

• CREDIT TRACKER – Keeping track of your credits can be a tedious activity. You can easily track
your credit status to complete your State Licensure CME requirements.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/bxocxV

薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 – ・医薬品の一般名、作用機序、特徴を単語帳形式で勉強するためのアプリです。・頻用の医薬品34項目746品目と、配合剤、吸入薬の代表的なものを収載。



薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 0薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 1薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 2薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 3薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 4薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 5薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 6薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 7薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 8薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 9薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 10薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 11薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 12薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 13薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 14薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 15薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 16薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 17薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 18薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 19薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 20薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 21薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 22薬剤師のための医薬品単語帳 screenshot 23



・高血圧薬 40剤
・糖尿病薬 38剤
・高脂血症薬 22剤
・消化性潰瘍薬 30剤
・胃腸機能調整薬 13剤
・下剤 16剤
・高尿酸血症薬 9剤
・不安・睡眠導入剤 30剤
・抗精神病薬 35剤
・咳・痰 18剤
・脳卒中治療薬 31剤
・抗認知症 5剤
・利尿薬 6剤
・筋弛緩薬 4剤
・抗菌薬 74剤
・抗ウイルス薬 10剤
・ステロイド 33剤
・鎮痛剤 34剤
・ビタミン剤 20剤
・骨・カルシウム代謝 27剤
・気管支拡張薬 11剤
・抗アレルギー薬 20剤
・麻薬 20剤
・肝炎治療薬 18剤
・褥瘡治療薬 14剤
・片頭痛治療薬 13剤
・点眼薬 30剤
・抗てんかん薬 15剤
・泌尿器・生殖器用薬 18剤
・甲状腺疾患治療薬 5剤
・腎疾患用薬 14剤
・抗不整脈薬 10剤
・心不全治療薬 15剤
・抗悪性腫瘍薬 48剤






















抗菌薬を有効に活用するための考え方としてPK-PD理論が臨床現場で広く活用されるようになってきています。耐性菌を生み出さないためにも適切な投与方法で抗菌薬を使用する必要があります。ここでは①Cmax/MIC依存的薬剤、②time above MIC依存的薬剤、③AUC/MIC依存的薬剤に分類し、それぞれに含まれる薬剤の系統と投与方法の特徴をまとめています。






Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/gL1PoF