Medicalcul – Medical calculator with many scores and formulas.


Medical calculator with many scores and formulas.

Medicalcul screenshot 0Medicalcul screenshot 1Medicalcul screenshot 2Medicalcul screenshot 3Medicalcul screenshot 4Medicalcul screenshot 5Medicalcul screenshot 6Medicalcul screenshot 7Medicalcul screenshot 8Medicalcul screenshot 9Medicalcul screenshot 10Medicalcul screenshot 11

– Medicalcul is a medical calculator to calculate various scores and formulas (creatinine clearance, Apgar score, body surface area burned … you can see the complete list on ). Once installed, the software prompts you to update to retrieve data from the website Once done, you can use Medicalcul offline, without the need for network access. The software periodically checks for changes and notifies you if an update is available, so you can restart the import files. To save your data plan, you can choose to update when you have a WiFi connection.
  – It is of course possible to add scores or formulas, and you can contact me on purpose. If you have references to news that you would like added, thank you to contact me in order to save time in my research.
  – Medicalcul is only available in French. Special Information for the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia): Depending on your network operator, it may have problems importing data servers, or that can not all get them. Indeed, much of the Maghreb ISPs are blacklisted in France for piracy problems. Try from another connection, it can work, but the use of this software in these countries can not be guaranteed.
     – Dr. P. Mignard, PH Emergency Service / SMUR, CH Marne-la-Vallée (77) –

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