FNM de Cuba – National Drug Formulary Cuba (Android version)

FNM de Cuba

National Drug Formulary Cuba (Android version)

FNM de Cuba screenshot 0FNM de Cuba screenshot 1FNM de Cuba screenshot 2FNM de Cuba screenshot 3FNM de Cuba screenshot 4FNM de Cuba screenshot 5FNM de Cuba screenshot 6FNM de Cuba screenshot 7

Android devices version of the National Drug Formulary Cuba, complementing the work done by specialists Editorial Committee the main form whose content is available in print and digital format online, as a source of information Virtual Health Library of Cuba belonging to National Information Center of Medical Sciences Infomed .

It contains reliable and updated information on more than 750 drugs, as well as around 500 active ingredients. Such information is contextualized to our circumstances, because it is a base of drugs circulating in Cuba with specific aspects of the National Health System.

Disclaimer: The contents found in the National Drug Formulary are mainly aimed at health professionals. The information we provide should not be used under any circumstances as a basis for prescribing treatments or medications without medical guidance.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/4Hn2FI


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