Audio Digest Membership – Members only. Not a member? or call 800-423-2308.

Audio Digest Membership

Members only. Not a member? or call 800-423-2308.

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As an Audio Digest Member, you now have access to the most advanced and exciting service in Audio Digest
Foundation’s 62 year history. ADF Membership is designed to keep you up to date with the most clinically
relevant content, while helping you manage your individual learning and Continuing Medical Education

Experience your content through a host of features; use faceted search to add content,
create automated playlists and stream or download lectures for convenient offline access. Use our
audio controls to rewind 30 seconds or listen at 1.5x speed to get the most out of your content.
You won’t waste a moment of your time, as your progress is synched between your mobile
devices and computers.

Here are some examples of key functionality:

• PERSONAL LIBRARY – The library allows you to easily add lectures for quick access and keeps
you current on your progress on each individual lecture. Use your library to manage your content,
add, delete and make playlists.

• FACETED SEARCH – Our faceted search allows you to efficiently find the content you need and store
it in your personal library. You can even save your searches as a custom playlist.

• PLAYLISTS – You can quickly create a custom playlist to manage your content. Create a playlist
to group your content by topic and listen to several courses back to back. An Autoload playlist
automatically adds new content as it becomes available, ensuring you keep up to date with the
latest material of interest to you.

• RECOMMENDATIONS – Platinum helps streamline the discovery process by serving up recommendations
based on your individual profile. The recommendations module will suggest lectures that might be
of interest or that help satisfy a particular CME requirement.

• CREDIT TRACKER – Keeping track of your credits can be a tedious activity. You can easily track
your credit status to complete your State Licensure CME requirements.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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