BG Monitor Diabetes – Effortlessly manage your diabetes from anywhere with the BG Monitor app.

BG Monitor Diabetes

Effortlessly manage your diabetes from anywhere with the BG Monitor app.

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BG Monitor makes it easy to manage your diabetes. It has convenient features, like insulin bolus calculation and blood glucose targets that make it incredibly easy to record entries. The elegantly designed interface exposes all the information you need, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for. Statistics provide insight on your blood glucose levels so you always know how you’re doing. Unlike other diabetes apps, BG Monitor was specifically created to make managing diabetes simple and easy. With BG Monitor, you can take control of your diabetes.

• Record everything – blood glucose levels, carbohydrates, insulin dosages, exercise, notes, tags, and pictures.
• Edit entries quickly with the intuitive user interface.
• Powerful tags system – categorize entries using tags.
• Take pictures of meals – helps you remember how much you ate.
• Detailed graphs and statistics – provides key insight on your blood glucose levels.
• Filter entries and statistics – find what you’re looking for by date, type, mealtime, tags, and low or high BG.
• Insulin calculator – automatically calculates insulin boluses for each meal.
• Insulin on board – protects you from insulin over dosage.
• Food database – store foods’ nutrition information
• Carbohydrates calculator – calculate total carbohydrates from multiple food servings.
• Reminders – remind yourself to give insulin or check your blood sugar.
• Email spreadsheet reports to doctors and family.
• Backup and restore data.
• Import existing data using a CSV file.
• Supports mg/dL (U.S.) and mmol/L (international).

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