Blood Pressure Companion – Allows you to record blood pressure values quickly and without much effort.

Blood Pressure Companion

Allows you to record blood pressure values quickly and without much effort.

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Blood Pressure Companion allows you to record, analyze and share your blood pressure.

The Blood Pressure Companion in short:
• Quick recording of blood pressure values
• Graphical evaluation of blood pressure
• Fullscreen mode of graphs
• Data export as a PDF or text file, for example for distribution to physicians (available as a paid in-app extension)
• Sharing of values ​​with family, friends or the world
• Automatic transfer of body weight from the app ‘Weight Companion’
• Automatic transfer of sleep duration from the app ‘Sleep as Android’
• Widgets for the Android home screen

PRIVACY: To protect your data is our highest priority. BloodPressureCompanion stores your data on your local device only, so that you alone have full control about your blood pressure readings.

We developed the BloodPressureCompantion in close cooperation with patients and practising doctors, which makes it more suitable for practical use than other blood pressure apps. The BloodPressureCompanion is your perfect companion for your high blood pressure, low blood pressure, or just for controlling your blood pressure. The app is great for self tracking, if you are practising Quantified Self.

In the app, you can enter your measured blood pressure. You can specify additional details to the measurements, such as Body position, used blood pressure meter or the duration of sleep the night before. A concise list view shows the recorded values ​​that you can always change later. Several textual and graphical analysis will give you a good insight into the history of your blood pressure.

With Blood Pressure Companion you can export your results to a file in PDF or text (CSV) format. You can also share individual values ​​via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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