Arztsuche jameda – Germany's largest physician referral and market leader for online doctor appointments!

Arztsuche jameda

Germany’s largest physician referral and market leader for online doctor appointments!

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The free app for Doctors, assessment and doctor appointment of Germany’s largest physician recommendation.

With the app, you will always find the right doctor or dentist in your area – no matter where you are. Have you found the right doctor for themselves, you can book directly with just a few clicks a doctor’s appointment online. In addition, provide more than 1.5 million doctor reviews help to make a picture of the doctor of your choice prior to the visit to the doctor’s office. In the login area, you also have the option of your online doctor appointments and a list of your favorite doctors to manage, edit your reviews, and change your personal information.

These features make the mobile Doctors and easy evaluation than ever:

✔ In the app you will find all physicians in Germany including contact details, opening times, Specialist designations, additional qualifications and evaluation of the physician.

✔ A free text search by subject and physician names and postal codes, place and street names makes for an easy and convenient search.

✔ Inform have made in advance on the experiences of other patients with doctors.

✔ With helpful filters will narrow down your search results and find exactly the doctor for your needs. You can, for example, filtering.:
– Employee-friendly opening times practice
– Female or male doctors
– Accepted Insurance

✔ Thanks to geolocalisation you always find the doctors in your area.

✔ An automatic route indicator guides you the quickest route to your doctor or dentist.

✔ In many doctor profiles, see additional, useful information, such as pictures of the doctor and practice, treatment areas and the power spectrum of the physician as well as the link to the practice website.

✔ With the call feature captures the telephone contact to the doctor or dentist with one click.

✔ Arrange your medical appointments easy and convenient online – even while traveling and independent of opening times (This feature must be enabled by the physician and is therefore not available to all profiles).

✔ Share by your doctor easily and quickly – to find the right doctor of your experiences and help other patients – even while traveling.

✔ The handy shopping list to find your favorite doctors again quickly and can compare these easily. A login is not required.

✔ The storage of your last search items can repeat your doctor search with a single click.

✔ pharmacies, clinics, medical practitioners and other health professionals to supplement the information to healthcare providers.

Whether dentist, ophthalmologist, orthopedic surgeon or other medical specialist – the jameda Doctors is your fastest route to the right doctor.

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