Notfallsanitäter – This learning-APP is the continuous learning in emergency medicine.


This learning-APP is the continuous learning in emergency medicine.

Notfallsanitäter screenshot 0Notfallsanitäter screenshot 1Notfallsanitäter screenshot 2Notfallsanitäter screenshot 3Notfallsanitäter screenshot 4Notfallsanitäter screenshot 5Notfallsanitäter screenshot 6Notfallsanitäter screenshot 7Notfallsanitäter screenshot 8Notfallsanitäter screenshot 9Notfallsanitäter screenshot 10Notfallsanitäter screenshot 11Notfallsanitäter screenshot 12Notfallsanitäter screenshot 13Notfallsanitäter screenshot 14Notfallsanitäter screenshot 15Notfallsanitäter screenshot 16Notfallsanitäter screenshot 17Notfallsanitäter screenshot 18Notfallsanitäter screenshot 19Notfallsanitäter screenshot 20Notfallsanitäter screenshot 21Notfallsanitäter screenshot 22Notfallsanitäter screenshot 23

This app serves the continuous and effective learning in emergency medicine. The various contents are conveyed by means of an index card format. You assess independently during learning whether your solution is correct.

Use your free time, entirely independent of location, such as to a mobile station to refresh already been learned again or prepare for an exam. Flashcards enable you to know not only short – but also the long term – to learn – through constant repetition.

– Extensive content:
– Over 2000 flashcards
– More than 10 main categories
– More than 100 sub-
– Vivid graphics
– To individually configurable learning units
– No internet connection required (works offline)
– Life Update System (for current content)
– Saving learning units
– Removal of index cards possible (eg of cards whose content is learned already secured)
– Choose between different learning systems:
– Flashcards system after Sebastian Leitner
– After one correct answer, the card is removed from the stack
– After two correct answers, the card is removed from the stack
– Works for Android version 3.0
– Works on 7 and 10 inch


An integrated system update all content can be easily revised, expanded and updated within minutes. This allows easy and continuous expansion of the learning content.

We welcome your suggestions for improvement and suggestions and will promptly work on optimizing the app. Please email us at
If you like this app, we would appreciate a positive review very much.
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Anatomy & Physiology
Pediatric Emergencies
Other emergencies
Surgical emergencies
Internistische emergencies
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Neurological emergencies

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Download apk file for android:


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