Profmed Medical Scheme – Download our easy-to-use app with various useful functionality

Profmed Medical Scheme

Download our easy-to-use app with various useful functionality

Profmed Medical Scheme screenshot 0Profmed Medical Scheme screenshot 1Profmed Medical Scheme screenshot 2Profmed Medical Scheme screenshot 3

The Profmed mobi-app provides functionality to enhance members’ interaction with the Scheme and their accessibility to information.

The electronic membership card gives convenient access to membership information when visiting healthcare providers, and also has e-mail and fax functionality. Chat with us online, submit documents or claims, view documents such as your latest statement and tax certificate, and view latest newsfeeds and messages sent to you. Based on your current location you can also find the nearest hospital emergency rooms or search for the hospital emergency rooms in a specific area and navigate your way to the emergency room.

Profmed is the largest restricted medical scheme in South Africa uniquely designed for graduate professionals. Although registered in 1969, Profmed has been providing professionals with benefits since 1959, making it one of the longest established medical schemes in South Africa. Profmed serves over 30 000 discerning members, providing over 66 700 lives with exceptional medical benefits.

Download apk file for android:


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