meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App – my diabetes helps in everyday life, to manage diabetes.

meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App

my diabetes helps in everyday life, to manage diabetes.

meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App screenshot 0meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App screenshot 1meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App screenshot 2meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App screenshot 3meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App screenshot 4meinDiabetes, die Diabetes App screenshot 5

my diabetes helps in everyday life, to manage the diabetes, no matter if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It combines for the first time five practical functions:
• diary to document and manage personal values ​​per day, with blood glucose values, insulin doses, meals, sports and space for notes. All documented values ​​can be summarized in clear statistics by day, weeks or months. With the export function, the evaluations convenient and safe for my email. B. can be transmitted to the attending physicians.

• Food database of over 1,000 foods. Go to the food all the important nutritional values ​​at a glance, that are important for people with diabetes, z. T. stating whether lactose free or gluten-free.

• My Diabetes Pass: here can be entered all important tests per quarter. So that you and your doctor have always the current state at hand.

• guessing game: The guessing game aims to train estimating the amount contained in the foods in carbohydrates. This random plate dishes are composed of individual portions. In Beginner mode, four possible answers are predetermined. In Expert Mode the value itself must be estimated.

• Clinic Search: You can search across Germany for all clinics that specialize in the treatment of patients with diabetes. With information on the respective treatment facilities, room facilities, personnel and certifications.

The app my diabetes for the first time provides these five functions in a single application, saving you so that the multiple registration of your values, no matter what blood glucose monitoring system you are running. With the tested food database, the guessing game, which is used as a board game for years in diabetes education, and of the Association BVKD – The diabetes clinics supported clinic search, you get competent and reliable information at a glance.

New in version 1.1.
• In diary entries now “bolus meal” and “bolus correction” possible. In addition, now three-digit entries possible.

• Meals-BE are transferred to the statistics and export.

• In the Basic Settings entry for up to three insulins.

• General Fixes

What others say about “my diabetes”: “We from the editorial team of the journal Diabetes, the app have of course already been tested – and were immediately convinced. Here are five important functions are concentrated, namely the diary, the Diabetes Pass, the Food Database, the clinic Search and BE / KE-guessing game! The guessing game – particularly the tricky professional version – is great to bridge waiting times to have fun and still refresh knowledge. With the app, people with diabetes at any time and more to manage their blood sugar levels successfully. The icing on the cake is the clinic Search all BVKD hospitals that offer a special diabetes treatment. “Günter Nuber, editor in chief of” Diabetes Journal
“If you want to manage his illness with modern media, to get to the app over …” Dr. Med. Thomas Werner, Chief Physician Diabetes Center Bad Lauterberg

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