visor – low vision magnifier – Visor is a magnifying glass for your Android device.

visor - low vision magnifier

Visor is a magnifying glass for your Android device.

visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 0visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 1visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 2visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 3visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 4visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 5visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 6visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 7visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 8visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 9visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 10visor - low vision magnifier screenshot 11

Enlarge difficult to read text by 3 magnification levels and change contrast to 5 different viewing modes. Optionally, turn on the LED flash of your device to help you see better in low-light conditions.
Visor supports VoiceOver with TalkBack in German and English.

During the day, there is a lot printed text to read: restaurant menus, price tags, the newspaper, letters or photos from your loved ones — visor zooms and improves the contrast of whatever you want to see. Its advanced color modes and simple interface are made for giving you the best possible perception of printed text on your screen like you’d expect it from a handheld electronic magnifier.

‣ 3 magnification levels
The 3 magnification levels of visor are easily accessible anytime with the touch of a button. After closing the app, visor remembers the last selected magnification level and contrast mode.

‣ 5 different color modes
Many visually impaired people suffer from dazzling effects when reading dark characters on a light background. Visor avoids these effects by providing 5 color modes: white text on dark background, real color mode, contrast enhancement, yellow text on blue background and blue text on yellow background.

‣ Manual focus, Autofocus & LED light
Manual focus gives more control over the text you want to read. Simply tap the screen and visor focuses the targeted text. Tap and hold to switch to Autofocus. Turn on the LED light to make text crystal clear even in low light conditions.

‣ Freeze the image, enhance contrast and save or share the picture without having to hold the camera pointing at the subject

‣ Tested by people with visual impairments
Visor was developed in close cooperation with visually impaired people. We are always grateful for any suggestions and requests for improvement.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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