PZC Rettungsdienst – Rescue service – generate a PZC, RMC and Ivena query the hospitals.

PZC Rettungsdienst

Rescue service – generate a PZC, RMC and Ivena query the hospitals.

PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 0PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 1PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 2PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 3PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 4PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 5PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 6PZC Rettungsdienst screenshot 7

Available areas:

Lower Saxony
Bavarian Lower Main

++ NEW ++ NEW ++ NEW ++

New design, new features:
It is now possible to switch between the individual Ivena areas.
An app for all circles !!

Who does not know that?
Members to ask you, where is the hospital where your relatives are spent.
Of course you know the way and try to explain it. but know the road is not exactly!
Now you can look quickly and comfortably !!!
The Hospital Finder …

With this app a patient assignment code can be generated which consists of the diagnostic code, age and treatment priority. This code can be directly related to the patient’s RMC (return logon code) will be created and / or Ivena eHealt query are placed. the app is the query through a generated PZC made so automatically determines the deposited discipline and the art and reviewed, for the set in the Settings city hospitals (Ivena platform). For this purpose, an Internet connection is required.
This app can not assign patients. This is solely the responsibility of the competent control center.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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