Essential Medical Guidance – Access to local clinical guidelines and information for medical professionals

Essential Medical Guidance

Access to local clinical guidelines and information for medical professionals

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The Essential Medical Guidance (EMGuidance) application is a free, geo-location enabled mobile service for medical professionals. EMGuidance is currently focused on the South African market, but will be expanding internationally in due course.

EMGuidance provides free, instant access to:

– detailed and accurate, locally relevant clinical guidelines
– comprehensive medicines information
– clinical and prescribing tools
– an open access care coordination directory

EMGuidance guidelines content is provided by highly qualified and respected medical experts, institutions and organisations and is verified by the EMGuidance editorial board prior to publication.

EMGuidance is created and published by EMG Technologies.

EMG Technologies is a socially minded company born out of the not-for-profit, The Open Medicine Project South Africa (TOMPSA).

Founded in 2013 by two medical doctors, Yaseen Khan and Mohammed Dalwai, TOMPSA, developed and launched 7 mobile applications, with the specific objective of providing medical professionals with instant, free access to important clinical information and guidelines, to help improve patient outcomes. TOMPSA applications have been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

EMG Technologies seeks to continue and further the work and mission of TOMPSA in a sustainable way, through the EMGuidance mobile application

See more information and download apk file:


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