TK-DiabetesTagebuch – The TK-diabetes diary Simply record your blood sugar levels.


The TK-diabetes diary Simply record your blood sugar levels.

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This listing, we have developed exclusively for our customers. The contents of the TK-diabetes diary will be connected in perspective with other digital services of technicians health insurance, such as to exercise and nutrition topics. As your Health data is particularly worthy of protection, our eCoach forms a secure platform. Therefore, registration is required. Your data is stored on a secure server in Germany and will not be disclosed to third parties. Also we have the technicians health insurance does not have access to your data.

The TK-Diabetes Diary is a digital blood sugar diary. The remarkable thing is that you no longer have to manually enter your measured values ​​from the blood glucose meter. Your data is transmitted over a Bluetooth connection directly to the app and evaluated (depending on the blood glucose meters manufacturer).

The TK-diabetes diary is integrated into the TK-health coach. To use the app, you must have an account. You have successfully registered? Then it goes now to login. Step by step you create your profile and enter your personal data. For example, what type of diabetes you have and how you treat your diabetes therapy.

Your personal data will be stored in a protected database and may be changed or deleted in the desktop version of the TK-diabetes diary. All changes, as well as new entries are automatically exchanged between the desktop version and the app.

Entering the blood sugar levels
In this section you can enter your blood glucose levels as well as all the details that are important in the context of measurement: Date and time of measurement, insulin dosage, taking medication, nutritional status (fasting, right before a meal, after eating).

In addition to the summary on the home page provides the area of ​​”evaluation” is a tabular view of the current values ​​of the last seven days.

Export data
In this area, the app gives you the option to export all the relevant values ​​and analyzes a specified time period that you. This means that the data can be sent in the form of a PDF file by e-mail to your own address and then forwarded for example to the treating physician.

Import data with Bluetooth
A Bluetooth connection, the data from compatible blood glucose meters are sent directly to the app and clearly displayed.

With this function you can remind yourself of predetermined measurement time points. When the next measurement is due, solves the app an alarm.

Download apk file for android:


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