Sudan Drug Index – Wasila index complete Sudan Medicines index

Sudan Drug Index

Wasila index complete Sudan Medicines index

Sudan Drug Index screenshot 0Sudan Drug Index screenshot 1Sudan Drug Index screenshot 2Sudan Drug Index screenshot 3Sudan Drug Index screenshot 4Sudan Drug Index screenshot 5

Wasila index complete solution programmed by Pharmacist Ahmed Elwasila. it’s hand set drug index gives you free, offline access to full database on brands and generics drugs registered in Sudan , providing (dosages, indications, Side effect ,price ,etc), wasila index Built-in intelligent search engine with auto-complete and full search options (Brand,Generic ,Mfg, Country of origin ,and agent even its offers searching in dosage forms . All of this in one search engine just install and type a letters to get the drug knowledge sea,

Information provided in this trail version is for tasting purposes only and cannot be substituted for any professional medical advice. For any medical advice and prescription, please consult a medical professional.
For any suggestions, corrections and feedback, please feel free to contact on our given email address. We really do appreciate you reaching back to us, and your feedback could be included in the next version!

See more information and download apk file for android:


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