XLNTbrain-mobile – Sport concussion management program.


Sport concussion management program.

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This is a fully integrated companion app to the XLNTbrain Sport concussion management program. All data is seamlessly interfaced with the online concussion management program. No need to email reports to a separate system.

Using this app you can:

– Use the XLNTbrain Sideline Assessment Tool to assess a potentially injured athlete for concussion related signs and symptoms.

– Complete documentation of time, date, sport, position and injury.

– Documents observed and reported symptoms.

– Assesses word memory, orientation.

– Objective XLNTbrain Balance Testing using the smartphone accelerometer technology.

– Yellow alerts for the presence of concussion related symptoms.

– Red alerts for potentially serious injuries.

– Optional Medical Professional features including Glasgow Coma Scale and Cranial Nerve Assessment.

– Email alerts to parents and designated medical professionals that a potential concussion has been reported.

– Report immediately available on the XLNTbrain.com dashboard.

– Use the smartphone accelerometer based XLNTbrain Balance Test independently to establish baseline balance, and track post injury balance impairment.

– Injured athletes can document their concussion related symptoms using the XLNTbrain Daily Symptom Checklist.

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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