PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) – PZC (patient referral code) IVENA for Hessen, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg

PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA)

PZC (patient referral code) IVENA for Hessen, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg

PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 0PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 1PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 2PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 3PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 4PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 5PZC Rettungsdienst (mit IVENA) screenshot 6

Chart PZC (patient referral codes) for the emergency service with age calculator and IVENA-query.

For Hesse, Lower Saxony (Heidekreis, Oldenburg, Osnabrück) and Brandenburg.

For Brandenburg there are no IVENA query because of public access has been blocked.

Patient allocation codes are used to treat patients on the control center in hospitals to log. The code consists of the feedback indication (RMI), a number for the Notfallart, the age and the urgency. The control center then reports to the patient through a computer system in a suitable hospital and they get a notification, which is on its way to you. Simply googling times after IVENA.

Simply search or through the lists to find and select the appropriate code.
Age calculator to select the code.

* Search function to Home (Search indication or number)
* Age Calculator
* Favorites list: long on an entry press to insert, press the Favorites list long to remove
* History
* IVENA query

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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