BeActive – Active and stay fit – even with multiple sclerosis!


Active and stay fit – even with multiple sclerosis!

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Active and stay fit even with multiple sclerosis – for many MS patients is self-evident. But some people like to see more encouragement to achieve personal goals in terms of exercise every day.

Being active does not necessarily mean to accomplish sporting excellence. Is active,
who – within its means – tried physical abilities to
improve or maintain. For some it is a hike in the mountains, for
the other is already enough to vacuum the entire apartment. To observe the own Mobiliät over time, there is now an app: BeActive. BeActive was designed for MS patients who know how important
Movement for her well-being. You want to know how much you actually move in everyday life? BeActive counts, calculates and creates your personal performance curve. This could cause your activities come from different areas and different taxing (eg vacuuming, walking or cycling). The current score of the user is displayed, this is considered to increase it by other activities. Your results, you can then share with the community on the MSlife. And now determines your ambition is aroused! Collect points, please contact a community friend in the contest and slowly increase your activity. You will soon find that your energy level increases and you might have some activities fall more easily. And you will then wonder how you ever lived without this app …

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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