e-orthophoniste.com – digital solution remedial speech therapy


digital solution remedial speech therapy

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e-orthophoniste.com® is a powerful tool for speech therapy. Designed to facilitate the work of practitioners, it enriches the care and monitoring of patients. The fun and customizable exercises it contains, can be used both in session and remotely on any digital media: computers, tablets (recommended) and smartphones.
Easy to use and user-friendly e-orthophoniste.com® was thought by speech therapists for speech therapists to simplify your life and get your patients a unique and challenging experience.

To use the application it is necessary to create a free account on the site e-orthophoniste_com

Key features:

An inexhaustible reservoir of exercises
– 200 preconfigured exercises
– 23 models of exercises, validated by our scientific team.
– Hundreds of thousands of possible configurations.
– 5 remediation programs: oral language, written language, executive functions, memory and logical-Math.

A modern and attractive solution to facilitate your work
– Fully customizable, the solution is very easy to access.
– Detailed fact sheets developed by our scientific team to exercise all models.
– Ability to instantly launch exercises, prepare sessions or prescriptions few clicks.
– Automatic tracking and real-time results of the exercises.
– Secure access to your patients to make your home if you decide prescriptions.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/vgsXwr


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