ordermed – Rezept & Medikament – Prescription and drug – a click away. With ordermed the wait is over.

ordermed - Rezept & Medikament

Prescription and drug – a click away. With ordermed the wait is over.

ordermed - Rezept & Medikament screenshot 0ordermed - Rezept & Medikament screenshot 1ordermed - Rezept & Medikament screenshot 2ordermed - Rezept & Medikament screenshot 3ordermed - Rezept & Medikament screenshot 4ordermed - Rezept & Medikament screenshot 5

The “pill to Go” is Ordermed with reality. Only with this app, it is possible to simultaneously pre-order a prescription the doctor and the medicine at the pharmacy. You decide whether the pharmacy to pick up the recipe in the doctor’s office and to deliver the medication to you, or if you want to do this myself. In any case the time savings is large.
Just quickly get to the doctor and get the prescription, then quickly take to the pharmacy and pre-packed bag of drugs in reception – Done. Or equal to completely leave the pharmacy can make all the errands and convenient home delivery. Www.ordermed.de on the website, or with the ORDERMED app. This is ordermed.
What is special is that this service can be offered by any German pharmacy. There are already over 500 pharmacies here in Germany. If not, simply address the favorite pharmacist first. Pharmacy is as easy today.
And best ordermed cost you a penny. Even non-prescription medicines, ointments and everything is only available in pharmacies, order now on ordermed. And how does it work? With the ordermed app will turn your phone into a scanner. Simply scan the barcode on the package and immediately all the information for the drug are shown. Your medication order with a click. Take your data are safe and of course always encrypted. Ordermed easier especially people with chronic diseases everyday.

But the ordermed app can do more. With ordermed create a complete medication schedule and your mobile phone becomes a pill alarm clock. Simply scan the barcodes of your medications, dosage and administration times set. Ready!

Ordermed does not replace your doctor, nor the good advice from your pharmacist. With the app, you have the two together. Send questions about ordermed via SMS to your doctor or pharmacist. Just simply can now communicate with your doctor and your pharmacy.

More information can be found on ordermed_de. Here you can also see if your pharmacy is. Sign up for free and without obligation. It’s that simple. Started Now!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/HxQtg5


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