Medicamentos – See and save thousands of drugs and prospectos.¡Y all free!


See and save thousands of drugs and prospectos.¡Y all free!

Medicamentos screenshot 0Medicamentos screenshot 1Medicamentos screenshot 2Medicamentos screenshot 3Medicamentos screenshot 4Medicamentos screenshot 5Medicamentos screenshot 6

Medication is an application developed to facilitate the search of drugs available in Spanish pharmacies.

Through this application you can access basic information for each drug, as the active ingredient, its availability as medicine funded by Social Security, price and other relevant information as the laboratory that markets and your registration number or national code. All this information is collected and presented according to data available on the website of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

You can create your own kit containing medicines marked as favorites and get a PDF copy of the prospectus and the product information for each drug keeping it in the My Prospects for future reference at any time.

This application includes a complete search engine through which you can view the information of medicines from various fields (name, active ingredient, national code, registration number of the medicine or laboratory), but with the limitation that provides the page to show how maximum of 200 results.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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