HandHelp – EMERGENCY SOS APP – HandHelp – the first barrier-free emergency call app for all cases of emergency


HandHelp – the first barrier-free emergency call app for all cases of emergency

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HandHelp™ – the first barrier-free emergency call app for all cases of emergency to transmitting direct alarm of course to persons of your trust – because in an emergency every second counts!

Also a direct alarm to police*, fire brigade*, emergency directing centers* (no external control centers / call centers).

Living together, without fear – be never alone en route!

HandHelp – emergency call rescue SOS app – directly, exactly, personally and clearly.

• Within few seconds & directly is the data transmission to the directing emergency centers of police*, fire brigade*, rescue service* as well as to persons of your trust
• Exact is the detection via satellite (e.g. GPS), GSM, WLAN
• Personally and clearly is your profile for the rescue services
Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=Yue7UG0jmDI

• speechless – because of easy button solution
• no language knowledge necessarily suited (for migrants, travelers, people with partially or completely speech- / hearing disabilities)
• quiet alarm without attracting attention – allows showing courage without endangering yourself
Video: youtube.com/watch?v=13IbCC7kzs0
• picture, tone, documentation to the perpetuation of evidence (optionally video)
• mobile home emergency outside used (people in need of care)
• cheap “SOS-system” for private and business (quiet alarm)
• advertisement-free application
• easy to terminate

Global emergency call aid SOS app – without telephoning, without language, without fax, without tab…
See video with sign language: youtube.com/watch?v=L8x1strg-ns

• For any case of accident, medical emergency, fire, harassment, etc.
• For emergency case of any other person – show civil courage, without putting yourself in danger
• Health wise affected people (e.g. deaf, hard of hearing, blind, speech impaired)
• Chronically sick people or health wise threatened people (e.g. diabetic, heart circulation ill)
• Nursing-destitute people (whether at home, statonary or mobile outdoors)
• Traffic users (cyclist, driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian, etc.)
• Parents of toddlers for medical emergencies
• Children & teenagers / pupils in generaly (Safety at school, on school routes / school trips, leisure)
• Pregnant women (e.g. premature births)
• Singles / womans
• Pensioners / seniors
• Migrants / travelers & tourists
• Vacationer / business travelers
• Outdoor sportsman
• Enterprises & employees
• Independent ones

To make sure you get optimized help considering your individually needs, please include all required information in menu “SOS data” and “Helper”.
Completing all informations takes maximum 5 minutes of your time.
By the way: the smart barometer shows reliably your achieved security level to you.

Set up step by step quick and easy – the emergency call SOS app HandHelp.
Click: youtube.com/watch?v=BbiiJ_mimS4

Click “Buy” for the full version and test HandHelp for 7 days free.
If you give notice of trial – we charge NO fees!

Monthly fee:. Only 2,00 €
Year Fee:. Only 19,90 € ( 2 month savings / year).

NOTE: You can cancel and uninstall HandHelp on Google Play Store.

• updates free of charge
• technical support free of charge

• HandHelp is currently in German, English and Russian (other languages planned)
• HandHelp is usable probably on other operating systems.


In case of concerns please use support@app-sec.de
We take care for every single case!

HandHelp™ is a trademark of App-Sec-Network®

*Currently available for the countries: DE, AT, CH, LI.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com


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