Medisinsk Biokjemi – National User Manual in Medical Biochemistry

Medisinsk Biokjemi

National User Manual in Medical Biochemistry

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The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the main studies performed by our medical-biochemical laboratories, indications for tests, interpretation of results, patient preparation and sampling. We see it therefore as an important quality assurance measures in collaboration between the laboratories and the requisitioning doctors.

The book was made at the request of the board of the Norwegian Society of Medical Biochemistry, who now owns the rights to the text. A number of colleagues with specialist knowledge in different areas participated. Although the book has not undergone any treatment consensus, should the contents be representative of the prevailing opinion among specialists in the subject.

The book is not intended to be a textbook, but first and foremost a practical tool to use in your daily work. Since laboratories have different repertoire of analyzes, using methods with slightly different reference ranges, with different requirements for sample volume, etc., It is necessary to supplement with information from collaborating laboratory. The book will not be able to replace a professional dialogue with specialists in collaboration lab, but will hopefully help this become more purposeful and meaningful.

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Antibiotika i primærmedisin – National guidance for the use of antibiotics in primary care

Antibiotika i primærmedisin

National guidance for the use of antibiotics in primary care

Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 0Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 1Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 2Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 3Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 4Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 5Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 6Antibiotika i primærmedisin screenshot 7

This application renders the National clinical guidelines for antibiotic use in primary care (Publication No. IS-2030, ISBN 978-82-8081-271-1), published by the Directorate of Health in collaboration with Antibiotic Centre for Primary Care November 2012. Guidelines are continuously being updated, and we therefore recommend update the application regularly.
A web version of the application available on http://www.antibiotikabruk-in-primæ This is the currently updated version of the guidelines.

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iRoche – Roche Oncology products; used by healthcare professionals for clinical info


Roche Oncology products; used by healthcare professionals for clinical info

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This application contains extensive database on Roche Oncology products: Avastin®, Herceptin®, Mabthera®. The app is an updated reference and serves as a medical resource used by physicians, residents, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.

The app includes the below features for each product:

-Safety and approvals based on the EFA label

-Clinical trials for all the products

-Dosing guidelines with interactive features for every product

There are two additional features in the application:

– Events and updates section which serves as an update on the latest medical information and Roche events targeting Iraqi HCPs.

– Notifications section is an interactive tool to share with healthcare professionals any updates happening in international congresses and to send invitations for events.

All the information and the interactive dosing can be accessed offline when the application is downloaded.
This app is restricted to selective users only requiring individual credentials provided by Roche Iraq.

Concept By Alain Hamdan and Ahmad Chami – Roche Lebanon

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フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~ – 看護師・看護学生向け医学・看護辞典アプリ★略語、カルテ用語、薬、疾患まで40,000語以上を掲載!注目キーワードや人体解剖図の一覧で隙間時間の学習・勉強にも♪

フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~


フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~ screenshot 0フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~ screenshot 1フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~ screenshot 2フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~ screenshot 3フルル大辞典 ~即引き!略語・用語・薬辞典 10,000語~ screenshot 4

















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PHARMAshop App – is a free application for customers of pharmacies PHARMAshop

PHARMAshop App

is a free application for customers of pharmacies PHARMAshop

PHARMAshop App screenshot 0PHARMAshop App screenshot 1PHARMAshop App screenshot 2PHARMAshop App screenshot 3PHARMAshop App screenshot 4PHARMAshop App screenshot 5PHARMAshop App screenshot 6PHARMAshop App screenshot 7PHARMAshop App screenshot 8PHARMAshop App screenshot 9PHARMAshop App screenshot 10PHARMAshop App screenshot 11PHARMAshop App screenshot 12PHARMAshop App screenshot 13PHARMAshop App screenshot 14PHARMAshop App screenshot 15

PHARMAshop is the free app of Plaza pharmacies, Bernex, Bertrand Munier, Onex and Bandol.

Quick access to practical information related to these pharmacies, such as phone numbers, fax or their email, the services provided and the Geneva duty pharmacies.
COMMUNICATE with your pharmacy easily (Question & Answer) SEND YOUR ORDERS and ASK your renewal.
For proper monitoring of your treatment, a reminder system also can receive alerts on your mobile phone.
Via a scan of the bar code, you can easily access information related to drugs.

Send your order:

Send a photo of your prescription via Pharmashop application.
Pharmacist receives the photo of your prescription and prepared. Proceed present the original order. You save time since the drugs, together with customary pharmaceutical advice, are ready!

Scan the barcode of your medication:

Know your medicine and how they act by simply scanning the barcode of your medicine.

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WISER for Android – WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders)

WISER for Android

WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders)

WISER for Android screenshot 0WISER for Android screenshot 1WISER for Android screenshot 2WISER for Android screenshot 3WISER for Android screenshot 4WISER for Android screenshot 5WISER for Android screenshot 6

WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) is a mobile application designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents.

First responders in general, and HAZMAT units in particular, must make many decisions quickly in handling hazardous-materials incidents. They need accurate information about the hazardous substances, the emergency resources available, and the surrounding environmental conditions to save lives and minimize the impact on the environment and physical property. The WISER application extracts content from TOXNET’s Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), an authoritative, peer-reviewed information resource maintained by the National Library of Medicine, and places that information into the hands of those who need it most.

Features of WISER

* Rapid access to the most important information about a hazardous substance by an intelligent synopsis engine and display called “Key Info”

* Intuitive, simple, logical user interface developed by working with experienced first responders

* Comprehensive decision support, including assistance in identification of an unknown chemical or chemical syndrome and guidance on the immediate actions necessary to save lives and protect the environment

* GIS support provides for isolation/protective distance overlays on a map of the incident

* Access to NLM’s Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), which contains detailed peer-reviewed information on hazardous substances

* Interactive chemical reactivity data based on NOAA’s CRW 3.0, allowing WISER to predict hazards caused by a user prescribed mix of chemicals.

* User Profiles enable users to specify the role they are currently playing at the scene of an incident: first responder, HAZMAT specialist, EMS specialist, hospital provider, or preparedness planner. The key information presented to the user about a substance varies depending on this role, so that the information most relevant to the respective job can be quickly accessed.

* Radiological and biological substance support.

* ERG 2012 data; the Android version of WISER includes the full ERG 2012 tool.

* Mobile support, providing first responders critical information where they need it, when they need it.

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Mi Veterinario – Remember your upcoming appointments and treatment, contact your veterinarian.

Mi Veterinario

Remember your upcoming appointments and treatment, contact your veterinarian.

Mi Veterinario screenshot 0Mi Veterinario screenshot 1Mi Veterinario screenshot 2

The app of your pet. Through it you can access your upcoming appointments and reminders (vaccines, treatments …). You can also ask your vet appointment and receive news and advice.
Valid for customers Winvet clinics, consult your veterinarian only.

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