ROTE LISTE® Medikamente – The respected source for professionals, when it comes to drug information.

ROTE LISTE® Medikamente

The respected source for professionals, when it comes to drug information.

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The Rote Liste® includes a detailed list of in Germany on the market medicinal products (including EU registrations) and medical devices, which serves to support the daily work of professionals. Professionals are: health professionals or health provider, institutions that serve the health of humans or animals, or any other person, unless they trade with pharmaceuticals, medical products, procedures, treatments, items or other means legally trade or to apply them in their professional capacity , We can make you this information can only be accessed if you above-mentioned Experts belong. By downloading and installing the user confirms that he belongs to the appropriate experts. Editor and publisher is the Red Liste® Service GmbH, a market-leading provider of drug databases. The edition of the corresponding book version, which is currently published once a year, is about 280,000 copies.

All contents are fully available offline. You need to first install any other online connection. “Rote Liste® drugs” is thus particularly well go usable at any time, for example, when it comes fast to sound, reliable information on medicines. So particularly for doctors and pharmacists in the emergency service, on station or at the bedside.

The Rote Liste® provides:

• orientation of indications
• summary signatures for the overview to specific information about drug groups
• concise, concise product information

The information for the Red Liste® been carefully created. However, neither the publisher nor the pharmaceutical companies to accept liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness. Decisive is the current information of the pharmaceutical companies, and any information the responsible authorities or the European Medicines Agency.

Not all producers and thus not represented with other products in the Red List, as the list is voluntary. Although it is a comprehensive but not complete work. Mostly, however, the pharmaceutical companies use the specialist information services (

Red Liste® Service GmbH

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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