Meine Zahn-App – With My Tooth App treatment costs at the dentist quickly appreciate and save.

Meine Zahn-App

With My Tooth App treatment costs at the dentist quickly appreciate and save.

Meine Zahn-App screenshot 0Meine Zahn-App screenshot 1Meine Zahn-App screenshot 2Meine Zahn-App screenshot 3Meine Zahn-App screenshot 4Meine Zahn-App screenshot 5

With “My tooth App” we offer a complete service app around the

Management of your dental health. We offer useful services and the possibility of dentures cost saving.

“My tooth App” offers the following functions:

• Zahnputzuhr

Our Zahnputzuhr help you comply with the ideal brushing time – for properly clean teeth.

• Dental find

Find a dentist in your area and arrange an appointment directly.

• Events

With our “My tooth App” Calendar Never miss a dentist appointment.

• Bonusheft

Wear your bonus booklet with you at all and save up to 30 percent of your dentures cost.

• documents

Save radiographs, invoices or findings from centrally – for you and your family.

• Dental Care Tips

Our guide gives you valuable tips on the subject of teeth.

• Dental Cost Comparison

“My tooth App” estimates quickly whether the cost of your dentures treatment are appropriate. You receive free and non-binding offers of dentists in your area.

• dental insurance compared

Compare easily your optimum additional protection and close the insurance directly into the app from online

“My tooth App” offers any queries, contact details by phone, email, chat or WhatsApp.

My Tooth app is easy to use and free.

With My Tooth App you will never pay too much and are on the subject of “teeth” informs.

My Tooth app is a service of ERGO Direkt Versicherungen.

See detail information and download apk file:


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