Lübeck rettet – Are you fit in resuscitation?

Lübeck rettet

Are you fit in resuscitation?

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Are you fit in resuscitation?
Master the basics of life-saving emergency measures?
With your medical first responders qualifier in the rescue service, the fire brigades, for the medical services of humanitarian organizations, in the DLRG, as health and nursing / -in, as health care providers:

– Become a “MOBILE SAVIOR” part of the novel medical first-aid network to improve emergency medical care for the population!

– For emergencies in your immediate environment: thanks to localization, whether you’re at home or on the go!

Because in spite of a well-structured emergency services with a dense network of rescue stations elapse after receiving the emergency call at the control centers precious minutes until the arrival of the first rescuers. Minutes that can decide everything.

Upon receipt of the “112” -Notrufes in the rescue coordination center of Lübeck saves SERVER feel from the Lübeck saves NETWORK the next available, qualified first aider on – in real time!

The Lübeck will save now – with the use of address and the way description on his smartphone saves Lübeck-APP – quickly navigates to the site and directs here the necessary first-aid measures, until the same time alerted emergency services arrive.

The Lübeck saves app provides a direct communication interface for status feedback to the control center.

The Lübeck-saving APP documenting the use history, the Lübeck-APP saves you has as instructed by the control center of Lübeck saves.

With the Lübeck saves app allows you to set your individual standby time.

The use of Lübeck saves app requires registration and a prior instruction, in the acquisition of necessary credentials occurs. Details below: luebeck-rettet.de

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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