mVITAKARTA – mVITAKARTA – health in your pocket!The first mobile medical history in the country.


mVITAKARTA – health in your pocket!The first mobile medical history in the country.

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mVITAKARTA – health in your pocket!
The first mobile medical history in the country.
For the full functionality of the application is necessary to be a client of PWD and have established access to the portal VITAKARTA ONLINE. But the application can be used by users who are not clients of persons with disabilities.

Important data about your health you are safely stored, moreover, are you whenever and wherever available, eg. A doctor that you will be asking questions about medications, family history, etc.

The application allows you to have in addition to their own data as well as data of their children, possibly also data partner, parents, and so on. When they are additionally insured with disabilities and for mature people, your device authorizes or you shall consent may you into sync their data .

Application control is totally intuitive and is in compliance with the standards used by Android applications. The app works on Android version 2.2 and higher, the minimum requirements for the device are: resolution displays 320×480 pixels, memory 256MB 400MHz ARM processor.

The application can possibly move after installing a memory card.

All who mVITAKARTU installed in it can record:
– What drugs eventually. vitamin preparations are currently using,
– What is the chronic problems troubling
– When and which have undergone vaccination,
– What injuries they have become,
– To what operations and procedures were,
– What illness you heal themselves without visiting a doctor (colds, viral infections, etc.)
– Other records such as family history, tick bites or female record of menstruation, etc.
– Scheduled visits with physicians on various procedures, exercises, etc.

EVERYONE can also save files into such. Medical reports, examination results, etc., Or also use the services of maps where to find contractual medical facilities persons with disabilities.

EVERYONE can utilize. SOS button, based on user before filling in data if necessary permits without logging call to a predefined number, send an SMS or an e-mail containing the data on the current position, respectively. show emergent form.

Insured persons registered on the portal VITAKARTA ONLINE mVITAKARTĚ are in addition to the available viewing:
– Healthcare that PWD reimbursed by their physicians (physician, outpatient specialists, hospitals …)
– Drugs, medicines, medical devices, etc., On the payment of the OZP involved,
– Fees and surcharges, which have paid in medical institutions and pharmacies;
– Financial reimbursement paid OZP,
– Recommended preventive examinations,
– VITAKONTO – bonus credit system, including the ability to take advantage,
– Recorded the events dealt with DP + Assistance service to send messages assistance service.

The application will be continuously updated.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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