Burnout Prophylaxe – Generation Burnout? They also are attracted to this subject?

Burnout Prophylaxe

Generation Burnout? They also are attracted to this subject?

Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 0Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 1Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 2Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 3Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 4Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 5Burnout Prophylaxe screenshot 6

Burnout Prevention

Bend with this app before the Burnout – simple, timely and effective manner!

In Burnout lost resilience and enjoyment – both maintained by regular training with this app.

The content of this app are from self-management Margret Mürköster.

For whom exactly?
-For those who want to avoid catastrophic failure.
-For those whose motto should read the future: “fit and happy” instead of “fix-and-done”!

Why this app?
-Because a life without burnout and with less stress is possible and worth living! And prevention is better than burning out!
-Because you need to get here quick success with simple exercises and learn ANY complicated techniques

Unique combination:
Mini-breaks combined with tips and exercises for relaxation, concentration and enjoyment

Custom Functions:
-Capture your individual working conditions in a profile and specify your memory intervals – always consistent or daily readjusted to your changing working conditions.
Burnout Pro reminds you of regular mini-breaks

Integrated database:
-Provides anytime you quick access to all available tips and exercises.

-Lovingly designed graphics and sophisticated design to emphasize the effect of burnout Pro.
-They help you focus on the essentials.

Categories and functions:
Quick Start
Vital check
-First Aid
Database with all the tips and exercises
Exercises for all five senses
Tips for concentration and relaxation
Profile for personal (working) conditions
-Individual reminder

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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