Brunnenapotheke Marburg – Welcome to their pharmacy app.

Brunnenapotheke Marburg

Welcome to their pharmacy app.

Brunnenapotheke Marburg screenshot 0Brunnenapotheke Marburg screenshot 1Brunnenapotheke Marburg screenshot 2Brunnenapotheke Marburg screenshot 3Brunnenapotheke Marburg screenshot 4Brunnenapotheke Marburg screenshot 5

See for yourself!
– Medicines mouse click from your Fountain Pharmacy
– Available anytime, anywhere, at any time, around the clock, 7 days a week!
– Many offers for cheap prices (excluding prescription drugs)
– Pickup, delivery by our courier fee (within 10 km)
With the quick scan function, you may order your recipes with us and get a few hours in our pharmacy.

Take advantage of other benefits:
– Availability: During your order is displayed, whether the article us immediately ready for collection (green) is, within a few hours notice (yellow) or not currently available is
– Product information, dosages and package insert immediately visible
– Cosmetics, dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies available here
– Scan function: your become empty package, you can easily scan and reorder immediately
Since this app is our own product with the involvement of our pharmacy software, your data will be recorded only in our Fountain Pharmacy.

Download apk file:


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