A&D Connect – Now, all your important health info is in one place, WellnessConnected.

A&D Connect

Now, all your important health info is in one place, WellnessConnected.

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WellnessConnected gives you a complete view of your health combining the current line of three essential wellness devices connected to one easy to use app – A&D Connect. Lose weight, get in shape, monitor your blood pressure – all with one secure system from a trusted worldwide leader in connected health.

A&D Connect guides you through the easy device setup process and provides at-a-glance results, goals, and trends for you or your whole family. The app automatically connects to your account securely stored in the WellnessConnected cloud allowing you to sync to multiple mobile devices.

The WellnessConnected device suite consists of the Bluetooth Smart enabled A&D Deluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor and Weight Scale, as well as the LifeTrak family of activity monitors. We will be incorporating new sensors into our growing suite of supported devices so stay tuned.

Monitor Blood Pressure:
Manage your hypertension with instant indication, trending, and the ability to share results with your physician or family member. Gone are the days of manually recording your daily readings.

Lose Weight:
Track your calories burned, set goals and see your progress instantly with a daily weight history.

Improve Fitness:
Track your daily activity and heart rate. Monitor your sleep patterns to get more active, improve your rest, and feel better.

Share and Report:
Share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through your own. WellnessConnected account or a shared one for the family. Email reports to keep medical professionals informed about how you’re doing between office visits.

-Easy step-by-step device setup instructions.
-Comprehensive dashboard provides at-a-glance info for all of your preferred devices.
-Tap on the desired device in your dashboard to expose a more extensive view of your results, graphs, trends, and progress towards goals.
-Set goals and reminders to help you keep moving forward towards your health and wellness objectives.
-Social, email, and message based sharing of your results.
-Multi-account capability allows your family members to use your app and devices.

For more information about our WellnessConnected device suite visit our website.”

Detail information: https://goo.gl/7lfs2S


Antibiotic Therapy Free – Demo Version – Short overview and treatment of common human infections.

Antibiotic Therapy Free

Demo Version – Short overview and treatment of common human infections.

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(Note: This is a demo version and contains limited content)

A useful app designed for young doctors and students which describe treatment and short overview of about one hundred common human infectious disease. Salient features are:
– Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, and Parasitic infections included.
– Easily readable format with content divided into causative organism, short overview, and treatment sections.
– Content derived from widely acknowledged resources including standard medical textbooks (Davidson’s medicine, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Harrison’s Manual of Medicine, Goldman Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine) and highly reputed medical web references.
– Current and up to date information.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical

MAEC – This app is for the clients of Metro Animal Emergency Clinic


This app is for the clients of Metro Animal Emergency Clinic

MAEC screenshot 0MAEC screenshot 1

This app is designed to provide extended care for the patients and clients of Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in Nova Scotia, Canada.

With this app you can: Contact us
Request appointments
Request food
Request medication
View your pet’s upcoming services and vaccinations
Receive notifications about…..hospital promotions, lost pets in our vicinity and recalled pet foods.
Check out our social media
Look up pet diseases from a reliable information source
Find us on the map
Visit our website
Learn about our services
Loyalty Program with virtual punch card
* And much more!

The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic was established in November 1997 to provide emergency care for your pet during the hours your regular veterinary hospital is closed.

The veterinarians of Metro perceived the urgent need for a level of emergency care which would provide rapid access to a dedicated emergency staff.

The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic is a joint venture of the Metro veterinarians. Its purpose is to ensure that those emergencies your pet’s experience during the night, on weekends and holidays are attended to professionally and quickly.

Modeled after emergency clinics in other centers, this is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.
It features:

about us 2* Diagnostic Laboratory (including Cardio-Pet, Blood Pressure Doppler, Blood Gases, Tonopen)
* Digital Radiology Department
* Surgery, including ventilator and capnography
* Critical Care Monitoring
* Isolation Unit
* Blood Donation & Transfusion

The emergency clinic is conveniently located in the Burnside Industrial Park central to all Metro communities. Your pet will be provided with constant care and monitoring by qualified veterinarians, veterinary technicians and para-professionals.

Your veterinary hospitals have decided to refer all their emergencies to the dedicated emergency hospital because of the constant care and the readily available staff. The emergency clinic is always open after hours and the emergency staff is always there.
The staff of the emergency clinic will do their best to help your pet with prompt compassionate care.

Once your pet’s condition has been stabilized your pet will be treated and either:

* Your pet will be hospitalized until morning and then transferred to your regular veterinary clinic, or
* Your pet will return home with you and you will be asked to visit your local veterinary for follow-up

Our primary concern is the health of your pet. It is our responsibility to provide your pet with the best, most appropriate and humane medical care. Our fee schedule is structured to support a modern, fully equipped facility enabling our staff to deliver the highest possible quality veterinary services by staff who are dedicated and continually receiving education.

It is our policy to prepare an estimate of the cost for your review – in advance and in writing, of what your hospital fees will be. We do not wish to extend anyone beyond their means. Please do not hesitate to communicate your intentions or concerns to your doctor.

It is customary to pay for veterinary services as they are rendered. A deposit is required on all hospital cases with the balance due in full at discharge. Your prompt payment is the only means by which this hospital is supported – unlike human hospitals; we get no government funding or grants. For your convenience we accept cash, debit, Visa & Master Card.

Your local veterinarians care for the well being of your pets. The establishment of the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic is another expression of their concern. The emergency clinic is ready and waiting for your call.

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com

Grossesse évolution – Pregnancy changes, pregnancy week by week, the pregnant woman.

Grossesse évolution

Pregnancy changes, pregnancy week by week, the pregnant woman.

Grossesse évolution screenshot 0Grossesse évolution screenshot 1Grossesse évolution screenshot 2Grossesse évolution screenshot 3

Pregnancy changes, you will discover the essence of your pregnancy week by week, whether small vagaries of a pregnant woman passing by fluctuations in libido or dietary advice to follow, Find out what’s happening with your baby during pregnancy, how the fetus moves and what changes to expect in the mother during pregnancy. Our app “Pregnancy changes” will give you details about the development of your baby and what happens to the mother during her pregnancy.

Pregnancy week by week. If you are pregnant and want to know what happens inside your body, this app is for you.
Pregnancy is an exciting time, marked by the absence of rules, until week 39 of pregnancy, during which the contractions accelerate, What’s happening in your body? How is your pregnancy week by week? … With pregnancy information both in books, in magazines and on websites, how can you expect to cover it all before giving birth?
We have made it easy for you to get all the information you need in one place pregnancy.
To better understand the evolution of your baby and your body, discover our information and tips to live a serene and happy pregnancy
With our monitoring of pregnancy: pregnancy evolution, you will discover the essence of your pregnancy week by week, whether small risks for pregnant women, through fluctuations in libido or dietary advice respect, health, administrative steps to take, diet, physical activity, development of the fetus, tips facing the upheaval of your body exams to achieve …
Pregnancy changes: Never miss a thing week after week.
Discover every week the answers to your questions of the moment thanks to our application ” Pregnancy evolution ”. Serene and well-informed, you will be ready to welcome baby. Do not miss the reference app for your Android. It’s free.
Each week of pregnancy brings something new-for you, your baby and your partner! Find out what’s happening with your baby during your pregnancy, the fetus is changing how and what changes to expect in mom during pregnancy. Our app “Pregnancy changes” will give you details about the development of your baby and what happens to the mother during her pregnancy.
Keep track of your baby every week via the application “Pregnancy evolution.” Pregnancy follow your everyday companion to inform you throughout your pregnancy (or that of your wife, friend …) the evolution of your future child.
! Our information has been checked by a doctor. However, this application is of course not intended to replace a medical professional. If in doubt, unusual symptoms or questions about your pregnancy, consult your doctor or gynecologist.

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical

Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. – Play the ER review game for the USMLE Step 2 CK, COMLEX Level 2 CE, & PANCE.

Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci.

Play the ER review game for the USMLE Step 2 CK, COMLEX Level 2 CE, & PANCE.

Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 0Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 1Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 2Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 3Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 4Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 5Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 6Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 7Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 8Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 9Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 10Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 11Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 12Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 13Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 14Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 15Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 16Clinical Neurology/Neuro Sci. screenshot 17

•Play a fun video game in order to prepare for your neurology rotation. Try 50 questions for free! This is the most efficient way to review most commonly pimped questions by neurologists, study for your neurology shelf exam, and even help review content for the USMLE (Step 2 CK and Step 3) as well as COMLEX (Level 2 CE and Level 3) medical board licensing exams.

•Purchase all 500 high-yield neurology pimping questions for $7.99 on the below-listed topics (based on interviews & feedback from hundreds of medical students, interns, residents, and attending physicians).

Scrub Wars utilizes the findings of recent groundbreaking research (on enhancing learning in medical education including a landmark article in the Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine) that strongly suggests using gamification to teach complex medical subjects as well as utilizing frequent retesting & spaced repetition to enhance memory retention (see below references).

During the development phase, the Scrub Wars franchise was very popular at the 2014 and 2015 AMSA Annual meetings, the 2014 UC Davis Pre-Health Expo, and the 2013 DevLearn/Adobe Learning Summit (among students, professors, physicians, teaching administrators, parents, & gaming experts).

•These are the high-yield neurological topics covered in this game:

1.Neurology Mixed Preview (100% Free)
2. Neuroanatomy
3. Neuropathology
4. Spinal Cord Lesions
5. Sensory Systems
6. Neuropharmacology 1
7. Neuropharmacology 2
8. Neuromuscular injuries
9. Neoplasms
10. Congenital Disorders
11. Peripheral Neuropathy
12. CNS Infection
13. Seizures
14. Memory & Dementia
15. Metabolic Diseases
16. ANS Diseases
17. Motor System Diseases
18. Brain and Cranial Nerves
19. Neurology Clerkship Review 1
20. Neurology Clerkship Review 2

•Benefits of this app to medical students, interns, and residents:

Quick Feedback- Green is right, Red is right, and move on! No long vignettes or explanations to slow you down (do vignettes or seek explanations on your own time).

“Creates” study time- Play Scrub Wars anywhere especially where you normally would not study like waiting in line, between classes, while waiting for rounds to start, or even on the toilet!

Spaced learning- High-yield board facts are reinforced by your Teaching Attending after completing each level (need 70% correct to pass a level).

Content created by trusted sources- Questions written/edited/tested by physicians, professors, and medical students

Diverse application- In addition to medical students & residents, other professional graduate students can benefit from the content review including physician assistants, podiatrists, physical therapists, anesthesiology residents, and nurses (LVN and RN).

Augustin M (2014). How to learn effectively in medical school: test yourself, learn actively, and repeat in intervals. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 87: 207-212
Shannon Stephen (2014). Gamification: harnessing new technologies to optimize the medical school learning experience. President of AACOM 8 (10) 

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical

U-ID – U-ID – An app for United International Diagnostic patients for record management


U-ID – An app for United International Diagnostic patients for record management

U-ID screenshot 0U-ID screenshot 1U-ID screenshot 2U-ID screenshot 3U-ID screenshot 4U-ID screenshot 5

United International Diagnostics Lab delivers your medical reports, directly to U-ID app on your phone. You can manage your medical records, book an appointment with us, pay online and buy our health packages right from the U-ID app.

* Reports
Helps you view your medical records all under one view.

* Book Appointments
You can avail packages, tests and book appointment with United International Diagnostic Centre.

* Information Center
Repository of lab tests, to understand them better and help you act on your medical records.

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical