DaysyView – DaysyView is an App for tracking your menstrual cycle.


DaysyView is an App for tracking your menstrual cycle.

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DaysyView is an app that has been designed specifically for the intelligent fertility monitor Daysy.

Daysy is the next generation fertility monitor, which tracks your daily fertility status by recording your basal body temperature and uses advanced statistical -methods to calculate your fertility cycle pattern. With Day-syView App, you can view your menstrual cycle data in a variety of ways, including temperature curve, calendar, statistics and fertility prognosis. Get empowered and have your cycle in the palm of your hand.

Valley Electronics is the leader in natural fertility for over 30 years. Daysy and DaysyView are certified medical devices with the highest quality and safety standards.

With Daysy you are in control of your own fertility. Plan or prevent pregnancy just as you choose.

• Synchronize all data collected on Daysy to the app
• Choose if you want to plan or prevent pregnancy
• View your daily, weekly and monthly status of fertility
• View past and the predicted fertility statuses
• See your temperature curve and temperature values over time
• View your fertility and cycle statistics
• Make notes
• Share your data with your loved one or doctor
• Enter sexual intercourse
• Send messages to your partner
• Contact our expert team for advice and support
• Get a cycle analysis from our expert team

You can also use DaysyView without Daysy. Simply input your measured temperature values every day (taken with a regular thermometer) and enter menstruation when you have it. This way you can use DaysyView to rec-ord your data and evaluate your own fertility status.

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