Sugar DB – Diabetes-Tagebuch – Diabetes Diary for type 1 diabetics with intensified therapy (ICT).

Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch

Diabetes Diary for type 1 diabetics with intensified therapy (ICT).

Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 0Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 1Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 2Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 3Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 4Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 5Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 6Sugar DB - Diabetes-Tagebuch screenshot 7

Sugar Database is a diabetic diary for type 1 diabetics to use with the intensified therapy. Manage comfortable all readings and other data as diary entries and check to give meaningful assistance to Sugar Database.

Sugar Database lets you make entries in the diary to document the progress of your diabetes therapy. Each entry stores a for a time or more diabetes-related events. So blood sugar, meals, insulin doses, sports and many more entries can be made.

The dataset can be fully exported and imported, the data can be imported as CSV files with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc on the PC.

Sugar Database support in addition to the current standard items such as blood glucose, food, bolus and basal insulin rate also many other businesses: Current state (over 20 meaningful day), food timing / type (snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner), photos of food, food description, current location, activity + activity duration and other notes for entry. The location is determined from the current GPS position and the current address entered automatically, but can of course be changed manually. For configurable standard whereabouts of the name of the town will take the address entered (for example “home”).
Once you have the documentation of one or more events forgotten / omitted (eg due to holiday, stress, etc.), these boisterous events can be recorded with the next entry in a separate box (eg “meals”, “hypos”, “forget basal” etc.). To ensure – despite boisterous registrations – a complete documentation.

The “log” shows you a graph of blood glucose levels and a comprehensive list of all the diary entries grouped by days.

It can be set according to therapy Basalzeitpunkte and rates throughout the day, so that Sugar Database may propose the current rate at entering the basal rate.
Furthermore Boluskorrektur- and BE-factor curves can be configured through the day so that the app can automatically propose the bolus rate for the amount of food and the blood glucose target value.

A report function in the app offers simple evaluations in the app or a file.

There are comprehensive setting as blood sugar and food units, blood sugar and blood glucose target ranges, bolus and basal insulin rate as well as a configuration for standard whereabouts.

For me personally it is very important to have my diabetes under control and to understand the effects of certain food movement, as well as weather and other influences on my blood sugar and my being. Sugar Database makes it possible to bring together and analyze this data.

More detailed information is available on the homepage of Sugar Database.

See detail information:


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