MS und ich – Simple documentation of wellbeing and therapy specifically for MS patients

MS und ich

Simple documentation of wellbeing and therapy specifically for MS patients

MS und ich screenshot 0MS und ich screenshot 1MS und ich screenshot 2MS und ich screenshot 3MS und ich screenshot 4MS und ich screenshot 5MS und ich screenshot 6MS und ich screenshot 7

With this app, we want to help patients more easily integrate their “management” of multiple sclerosis (MS) in everyday life. You can document your well being and your MS therapy in the app. For this you will be rewarded with encouraging wisdom.

With version 1.1, special exercises have been integrated with which you can improve your mental fitness. These cognitive exercises were developed in collaboration with neuropsychologists and train u. A. Attention, concentration, visual orientation, responsiveness and short-term memory.

The app “MS and I” is a service from our therapy accompanying EXTRA CARE for patients with multiple sclerosis. If you have questions about the app, for multiple sclerosis or EXTRA CARE, you feel free to contact the EXTRA CARE Service Center:
Tel .: 0800 – 987 000 8 (toll-free, Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00)

Features of the app:

– Individually adjustable memories for the documentation of well-being and the ingestion or injection of MS treatment

– Documentation of wellbeing in general and for the categories mood, sleep, mental fitness, mobility, physical activity

– Documentation of the injection sites for patients who inject their MS drug

– Freely editable notes for each day

– All items at any time on a calendar display to reach and unnecessary input

– Clear trend view of well-being

– Reminders for doctor visits or new recipes for Android Calendar

– Cognition exercises to train your mental fitness

This app for everyday life with multiple sclerosis will be provided by Novartis Pharma AG are available free of charge. It can be used by all MS patients.

The app contains no advertising or product information.

Data that you enter in this app is stored only on your smartphone.

Detail information and download apk file:


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