Alfacare – Alfa Kerr company working in the field of medical care for the bodies, companies and individuals management programs.


Alfa Kerr company working in the field of medical care for the bodies, companies and individuals management programs.

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Alfa Kerr company working in the field of medical care for the bodies, companies and individuals management programs in all parts of the country have Alpha Kerr company contracted with the largest hospitals and selected Okbralsadh consultants in all medical specialties, as well as the largest radiology centers and medical laboratory centers optics outstanding and a large number of pharmacies scattered prevalent geographically deliberate as well as the largest specialized medical centers such as dental centers, physical therapy, oncology and specialized centers of the eyes in order to facilitate the customer to get the premium rates of the highest quality medical service.
The alpha-CARE company to provide medical care to their clients included many of the advantages of these features include the following: –
• The alpha-CARE company providing primary medical service of the masters of the customers in their business sites by doctors care visits a preliminary to the headquarters of our customers, to provide medical consultations within the work site, as well as medical guidance to customers to places of adequate medical facilities to receive the required medical service.
• holds the Alfa Kerr issuing membership cards for each participant under the name, image and data specific to each client personal, as well as the supply of gentlemen clients evidence private medical alfa Kerr company, which includes a full medical staff and has its own information in terms of titles and telephone numbers and dates of work as well as specialties available to the each hand, this explains the medical evidence how to get the medical service to facilitate our dear client.
• Alfa Kerr company notified customers to ensure gentlemen delete or add any approved medical authority, which is the expansion of quantitative and qualitative taking into account the geographical distribution studied down to the comprehensive coverage of the client wherever the highest quality standards.

• characterized by alpha-CARE company medical operation excellence, providing quarterly reports to cushion customers clarifying the size advantage of the medical care system, as well as a detailed statement of services already made during the period, which is expressed in the statement in order to determine the extent of the actual benefit to the customer of the program, as well as stand on areas deficit and avoid them in the next stage down to the best possible level of medical care provided to the client that it deserves its own right.
• The company Alfa Kerr Believing role in providing comprehensive medical care coverage for injuries resulting from accidents and work-related injuries, such as the installation of slides and bolts operations of the treatment.
• as well as supplementary therapy beyond these injuries such as fractures and burns all kinds of different nuances.
• In support of the principle of prosperity in the provision of medical service, the alpha-CARE company believes the client that exceeds the maximum limit of coverage, or the customer, who receives a non-covered service, the alpha-CARE company continuously provide medical service to the client in exchange for payment is committed to the client after he enjoyed proportions debit Alfa Care Company the medical facilities.
• Alfa Kerr company that provides hotline service operates 24 hours throughout the day in order to provide medical advice to cushion customers and provide the necessary therapeutic approvals to facilitate the gentlemen clients and responds to medical inquiries team of qualified doctors trained specifically for that.
• believes Kerr Alpha Company to its valued customers a radiological and laboratory tests as well as physical therapy sessions and services dental specialized medical centers and does not have contracted hospitals, but for cases reserved already at the hospital are to provide medical service at the hospital for customer convenience.
• Alfa Kerr is committed to providing medical service to the client his whereabouts in all provinces.
• characterized by alpha-CARE company flexibly deal where presentations are negotiable and change pleasing to the customer.

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