AppMedic – Search drugs to physicians and patients with additional features.


Search drugs to physicians and patients with additional features.

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AppMedic is a versatile application for doctors and patients that combines search reimbursed and non-reimbursed medical products with reliable tools useful in everyday work of medical personnel.

For doctors and patients:

– Comprehensive drug information for physicians or patients
– Search based on names of drugs and active ingredients
– Suggesting names of drugs during search
– A modern and friendly graphical interface
– Clear presentation of data
– Search drugs also based on bar code using the integrated scanner
– The ability to display a list of replacements
– Download feature of Product Characteristics (SPC) of the drug
– History of search and bookmark favorite
– Display drug interactions

– Advanced settings for the entitlements to discounts
– Medication reminder function
– Medical news
– Medical Calculators

In addition to doctors:

– Built-in verification of beneficiaries
– Archiving prescriptions Pro Familia
– Search classification of diseases ICD-10GB

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DaysyView – DaysyView is an App for tracking your menstrual cycle.


DaysyView is an App for tracking your menstrual cycle.

DaysyView screenshot 0DaysyView screenshot 1DaysyView screenshot 2DaysyView screenshot 3DaysyView screenshot 4DaysyView screenshot 5DaysyView screenshot 6

DaysyView is an app that has been designed specifically for the intelligent fertility monitor Daysy.

Daysy is the next generation fertility monitor, which tracks your daily fertility status by recording your basal body temperature and uses advanced statistical -methods to calculate your fertility cycle pattern. With Day-syView App, you can view your menstrual cycle data in a variety of ways, including temperature curve, calendar, statistics and fertility prognosis. Get empowered and have your cycle in the palm of your hand.

Valley Electronics is the leader in natural fertility for over 30 years. Daysy and DaysyView are certified medical devices with the highest quality and safety standards.

With Daysy you are in control of your own fertility. Plan or prevent pregnancy just as you choose.

• Synchronize all data collected on Daysy to the app
• Choose if you want to plan or prevent pregnancy
• View your daily, weekly and monthly status of fertility
• View past and the predicted fertility statuses
• See your temperature curve and temperature values over time
• View your fertility and cycle statistics
• Make notes
• Share your data with your loved one or doctor
• Enter sexual intercourse
• Send messages to your partner
• Contact our expert team for advice and support
• Get a cycle analysis from our expert team

You can also use DaysyView without Daysy. Simply input your measured temperature values every day (taken with a regular thermometer) and enter menstruation when you have it. This way you can use DaysyView to rec-ord your data and evaluate your own fertility status.

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Your New Self (DMC) – The official app for Your New Self's bariatric program at Detroit Medical Center

Your New Self (DMC)

The official app for Your New Self’s bariatric program at Detroit Medical Center

Your New Self (DMC) screenshot 0Your New Self (DMC) screenshot 1Your New Self (DMC) screenshot 2Your New Self (DMC) screenshot 3Your New Self (DMC) screenshot 4

Considering weight loss surgery? Already had surgery? The Your New Self app can help.

With this app you can:

* Track weight loss
* Access dietitian approved recipes
* Track nutrition
* Track water intake
* Request appointments
* Learn about our bariatric program
* RSVP to seminars and support groups

And much more.

Your New Self: Detroit Medical Center’s Weight Loss Solutions program (otherwise known as DMC Harper Bariatric Medicine Institute) has lead the way in developing and performing innovative weight-loss surgery for patients who have a body mass index greater than 35, suffer from related health conditions and have tried other weight-loss methods.

Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass (RYGB), Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), Adjustable Gastric Banding (LapBand), Robotic Assisted Duodenal Switch and other Robotic Assisted Bariatric surgerical procedures are just a few examples of the innovative bariatric procedures performed by our exceptional surgeons.

Unlike open weight loss surgery, the minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques require just six small incisions, each about a centimeter or less in length. Minimally invasive bariatric surgery is associated with a decreased length of stay in the hospital, a lower rate of complications, decreased pain and in general, a shorter recovery period to return to normal activities.

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UW Health Bariatrics – UW Health Bariatrics offers this app to help you on your weight loss journey.

UW Health Bariatrics

UW Health Bariatrics offers this app to help you on your weight loss journey.

UW Health Bariatrics screenshot 0UW Health Bariatrics screenshot 1UW Health Bariatrics screenshot 2UW Health Bariatrics screenshot 3UW Health Bariatrics screenshot 4UW Health Bariatrics screenshot 5

The UW Health Bariatrics – Medical and Surgical Weight Management Program offers our patients the means to lose weight safely, restore health and improve quality of life.

We believe the most important aspect of weight loss is improved health after surgery or medical therapy.

The true measure of UW Health Bariatrics success is the improvement or elimination of many weight-related health conditions.

UW Health Bariatrics program staff partners with you and provides you the resources needed to continue on your path to a healthier life.

At UW Health Bariatrics we are proud to offer this app as another way to support your weight loss journey. With this app you can:

1.) Track your weight loss.
2.) Request appointments.
3.) Watch an online video about our program.
4.) Learn about medical and surgical weight loss options.
5.) Learn about upcoming seminars and support groups.
6.) Access recipes and much more…

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SnapZap – SnapZap™Your Personal Health – Connected.


SnapZap™Your Personal Health – Connected.

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The ultimate power falls into your hands – the power to manage your own health. Now, you can secure all of your important health information in one place, with a network of caregivers at your disposal. Get in shape and get healthy by connecting with UMEDEX’s approved medical devices to monitor your vitals. Report your symptoms using the 150+ clinical protocols approved by your primary care physician. Reduce the severity of Heart attack and Stroke related damage by notifying your network of caregivers at a moment’s notice. Constantly monitor and manage your health risks and conditions at all times. Complete and maintain a copy of evaluation and other forms required by your caregivers.

With SnapZap you can capture and share pictures, videos and important documents with your loved ones. All it takes, is a snap.


– Send Heart Attack alert with location data and your picture to everybody in your Panic and Heart Attack Alert Group
– Send Stroke alert with location data and your picture to everybody in your Panic and Stroke Alert Group
Report Symptoms
– Report symptoms using the video triage tool or the 150+ clinical protocols approved by your caregiver
– Receive triage feedback from your caregiver including first aid information and home care guide
Connect with Medical Devices
– Connect to one or more of the UMEDEX approved devices** listed below and start receiving data automatically –
o Blood Pressure
o Weight Scale
o SPO2 (single value or continuous monitoring)
o Blood Glucose
o Temperature
o Fluid Status (for Congestive Heart Failure)
o Spirometry
o ECG/EKG – 5-lead (Heart Rhythm)
o ECG/EKG – 12-lead

**for make and model of the above devices please visit umedex_com

Review Vitals
– Review vitals in tabular and graphical format – Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Glucose, Temperature, Heart Rhythm, Feelings, Water intake, Body Pain

Record Lab Values
– Receive lab data directly from UMEDEX approved diagnostic centers or record it manually using our built-in tools. Alternatively, you can capture your lab report by using your device camera.

Manage Risks
– Record and communicate your Health Risks securely to different caregivers
– Receive assessments and action plan from your physicians and monitor progress of your health risks

Complete Caregiver Forms
– Complete custom forms published by your caregiver(s) and maintain a copy for your record and future references.

Capture Pictures and Documents
– Capture and share photos, videos and documents. Customize your photos and documents with one or more image editing tools, color filters and image merging tools. Share individual pictures and photo albums with your family and friends. Organize important documents and share it securely with others.

Review Health Reports
– Manage the following health reports received from your caregivers and UMEDEX approved diagnostic service providers and devices –

Allergies, immunization, medication, review of symptoms, clinical evaluation, spirometry, EKG/ECG, Holter, echocardiogram, x-ray (images & report), ultrasound (images & report), CT scan (images & report), MRI (images & report), nuclear med (images & report), mammogram (images & report), bone scan, stroke and heart attack evaluation, and many more…

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大樹藥局 – 大樹藥局APP首創個人化『雲端藥歷系統』建構慢性病患全方位服務解決方案,無限期記錄會員用藥明細,搭配藥師諮詢平台及個人化用藥管理系統嚴格把關,減少重複用藥情形。



大樹藥局 screenshot 0大樹藥局 screenshot 1大樹藥局 screenshot 2大樹藥局 screenshot 3大樹藥局 screenshot 4



◆ 我的優惠券:每日登入大樹藥局APP即可透過”健康搖一搖”功能,即可獲得限時優惠;加入大樹藥局會員還可享有不定時贈與的專屬優惠券

◆ 最新活動:最新門市優惠活動讓您隨時一手掌握,還可與您的臉書好友分享唷!

◆ 當期DM:提供當月全門市優惠專刊瀏覽,讓您輕鬆規劃聰明消費

◆ 門市查詢:可查詢全省大樹藥局門市位置與營業資訊,並優先顯示最近距離門市資訊

◆ 會員專區:提供大樹藥局會員專屬服務,『紅利積點查詢』、『個人慢籤領藥記錄查詢』、『用藥提醒鬧鈴』、『回診提醒』、『專屬商品優惠資訊』

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İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil – Izmir Dr. Chest Hosp: and Cerar. Edu. and Research Hosp. The official application.

İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil

Izmir Dr. Chest Hosp: and Cerar. Edu. and Research Hosp. The official application.

İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 0İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 1İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 2İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 3İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 4İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 5İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 6İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 7İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 8İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 9İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 10İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 11İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 12İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 13İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 14İzmir Göğüs H. Hastanesi Mobil screenshot 15

Izmir Chest Hospital Mobile Health Platform
* Inspection Order Kiosk Alma
* Hospital Imaging Applications
* Lab Results Imaging
* Radiology Imaging Results
* Pathology Imaging Results
* Written by the doctors suggestions are displayed
* Today born babies Greeting List View and Writing
* Hospital Information Viewing
* Hospital Directions
* Submission of the patient to the hospital Measurement Results
* Hospitals Feedback – Feedback Form Filling
* E – Prescription Drugs and Views
* Unit and Doctor Listing
* Hospital and 112 emergency calls

You can easily such transactions.

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