ReXi: E-Prescription Maker – ReXi is East-to-use E-Prescription & Label Maker app

ReXi: E-Prescription Maker

ReXi is East-to-use E-Prescription & Label Maker app

ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 0ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 1ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 2ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 3ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 4ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 5ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 6ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 7ReXi: E-Prescription Maker screenshot 8

A prescription is an instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be issued with a medicine or treatment. In 21th century Writing a prescription has gone to next level, all you need is fill in medication details in app and with a press of a button ReXi will prepare E-Prescription.
ReXi is an E-Prescription & Label Making app for Medical practitioner.


* Cross-Platform: Prescriptions & Labels made by Rexi can be viewed, printed & open on any devices like Android, Windows, Apple…..etc, All you need is a web browser to open that prescription file.

* Themes: Give your prescription a themes to make it beautiful.

* Easy & Quick: Just fill-in details of prescription and hit “Create” button to generate prescription.

* HTML Power: Since all prescriptions & labels are generated in HTML File Format, so there is no incompatibility issue when you open it in any device.

* More Features are coming soon !!
NOTE: Currently this project is in Experimental phase & more updates will be coming soon !!
We will love to hear your new ideas, suggestion , send your feedback at:-
WARNING: Prescription should be made by Authorized Medical practitioner Only/-
If you have any feedback, suggestion, complains feel free to tell us :
Bug Report :
if there is any problem with app submit a bug report instead of giving low rating

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