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MSdialog – a new way for people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to manage their treatment and to share how MS is impacting their life.

“How have you been?” – Trying to remember exactly how you’ve been over the weeks and months
since you last met your doctor or nurse can be a challenge.

Having an easy way to record how MS is impacting your life between clinic visits and to share this with those involved in your care could help you get the most out of the time with your health care team.

MSdialog is designed to do just that.

MSdialog is a web-based tool which puts you in charge:
– you can record information about the medicines you take, nurse visits you may have had and health measures which you and/or your doctor may want monitor.
– keep a record of your Rebif injections, by sending data wirelessly from your RebiSmart autoinjector using a transmitter.
– create health reports based on your experience by answering a few simple questions and share them with your doctor and nurse.
– you and your doctor see a picture over time of your health trends and the information from your injection device, so you can make better use of the time you have together.
– you control and decide who is part of your contact list and can see your profile/MS related information (accept/reject invitations from doctors or nurses)
– set reminders for your future appointments, medications and health reports.

MSdialog allows you to keep track of your treatment and how you’re feeling, in between appointments.
So next time you sit down in front of your Neurologist and he asks you “How have you been?” you have the information which you both need, at your fingertips. Now that’s a dialogue worth having…

If you have MS and are being treated with Merck Serono’s intereferon beta-1a, contact your doctor or nurse to learn more about MSdialog and ask for your personal credentials.

Download apk file:


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