Urgences 2016 – Le Congrès – Official application of the Emergency Congress 2016

Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès

Official application of the Emergency Congress 2016

Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 0Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 1Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 2Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 3Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 4Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 5Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 6Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 7Urgences 2016 - Le Congrès screenshot 8

Get on your mobile and your tablet essential information concerning the appointment of the Emergency to be held from May 31 to June 03, 2016, at the Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot, Paris.

Congress founded by the French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU) and UAS-ER de France (SUDF).

See the scientific program, list of speakers, exhibitors, the exhibition plan …

finally find interactive features for some sessions: ask the moderators to room, quiz sessions …

See detail information: https://goo.gl/mcsfkS

病名さん – スマートフォンでもICD10対応標準病名マスター・傷病名マスターの病名検索、コード確認ができます!Androidで病名さんをご利用ください。



病名さん screenshot 0病名さん screenshot 1病名さん screenshot 2病名さん screenshot 3病名さん screenshot 4







のMEDIS標準マスター総合案内 のところをご覧下さい。


– キーワードから病名を探す

– ICDから病名を探す

– 検索履歴から病名を探す

– 検索結果を保存する

Android OS 2.0(API Level 5) 以上を推奨


See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/7TY7Vg

STOP DOC – Addresses the DOC with cognitive behavioral therapy


Addresses the DOC with cognitive behavioral therapy

STOP DOC screenshot 0STOP DOC screenshot 1STOP DOC screenshot 2STOP DOC screenshot 3STOP DOC screenshot 4STOP DOC screenshot 5STOP DOC screenshot 6STOP DOC screenshot 7STOP DOC screenshot 8STOP DOC screenshot 9STOP DOC screenshot 10STOP DOC screenshot 11STOP DOC screenshot 12STOP DOC screenshot 13STOP DOC screenshot 14STOP DOC screenshot 15

This unique app of its kind addresses the obsessive compulsive disorder with the tools of cognitive behavioral therapy. The application collects diaries of self-report, with instruments of psycho-education and techniques to build a hierarchy of stimuli for an exposure program.
There are audio tracks for Mindfulness and some tips on how to make a proper abdominal breathing during exposures.

The app will be regularly updated and expanded, it is the first all-Italian experiment to help patients suffering from this serious disease in the fight against their disorder.

WUNDTPsicologia – Psychological studies and clinical neuropsychology
Alberto Rossitto PI 09774370010

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/v2XlLc

Lingkaran Kontrasepsi – Medical Eligibility Criteria circle in Contraceptive Use

Lingkaran Kontrasepsi

Medical Eligibility Criteria circle in Contraceptive Use

Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 0Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 1Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 2Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 3Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 4Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 5Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 6Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 7Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 8Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 9Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 10Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 11Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 12Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 13Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 14Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 15Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 16Lingkaran Kontrasepsi screenshot 17

This application is based on the Medical Eligibility Criteria Eligibility Criteria and Medical Wheel for Contraceptive Use, released by the Department of Reproductive Health and Research WHO

In Indonesia, this method translates into a circle in the Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use

To simplify the above mention of the term then this application is called CIRCLE OF CONTRACEPTION.

This application is also equipped with a table of information:
1 Screening Pregnancy
2 Client Screening Procedures
3 Level of Effectiveness of contraceptive methods
4 Methods of Contraception Postoparum

The purpose of this application is made are:
1 Introducing the Circle Diagram tool in the Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use
Diagram 2 Circle Train usage in the Medical Eligibility criteria of Contraceptive Use
Diagram 3 Circles Making Medical Eligibility Criteria in contraceptive use as a medium of information for users of contraception
4 Contraceptive Users can choose a contraceptive method that is suitable for him and his desire

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/J6bPT2

MSSanté – Secure messaging health ASIP Santé and Colleges


Secure messaging health ASIP Santé and Colleges

MSSanté screenshot 0MSSanté screenshot 1MSSanté screenshot 2MSSanté screenshot 3MSSanté screenshot 4MSSanté screenshot 5MSSanté screenshot 6MSSanté screenshot 7MSSanté screenshot 8MSSanté screenshot 9MSSanté screenshot 10MSSanté screenshot 11MSSanté screenshot 12MSSanté screenshot 13MSSanté screenshot 14MSSanté screenshot 15MSSanté screenshot 16MSSanté screenshot 17

Share health data of your patients safely with your colleagues by downloading now the mobile application of secure messaging health.
Very easy to use mobile application that allows holders MSSanté on http://www.mssante.fr service access their mail and national directory of health professionals from their smartphone or tablet account.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/9ZI1Gy