Zdravotnický průvodce – The fastest way to health anywhere in the Czech Republic – pharmacies, veterinarians, hospitals.

Zdravotnický průvodce

The fastest way to health anywhere in the Czech Republic – pharmacies, veterinarians, hospitals.

Zdravotnický průvodce screenshot 0Zdravotnický průvodce screenshot 1Zdravotnický průvodce screenshot 2Zdravotnický průvodce screenshot 3Zdravotnický průvodce screenshot 4Zdravotnický průvodce screenshot 5

Looking for the nearest hospital, pharmacy, doctors, dentists, vets, optician, physiotherapy or massage in your area and you have a choice? Medical Applications Guide is for you. The largest database of medical facilities in the Czech Republic. The application itself detects your position and accordingly offers you the nearest pharmacy or health care professional. This application thinks of your health and well-being will allow for quick and intuitive search.

After launching the application:
* You can find the nearest hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, vets, opticians, massage and rehabilitation equipment
* The displayed results can be viewed in the list and the map
* Selected results are stored in history and are also available offline
* Contacts can be viewed, saved to the phone and share it with others

Application allows you to:
* Call with one click – click to call
* Press on the map search in the selected area
* You’ll find information about the activities and services of the facility
* There is a link on the web / e-mail
* Information about payment methods

* Structured user ratings and reviews
* The ability to add unfound recordings, photos, etc.
* Build a list of favorite contacts
* And much more …

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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