Diabetic Planner – Diabetic Planner is to help you track, monitor and monitor glucose levels

Diabetic Planner

Diabetic Planner is to help you track, monitor and monitor glucose levels

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++ EASY and INTUITIVE interface for recording your blood sugar (glucose) readings as well as Medications.

++ Diabetic Planner is the All in One Diabetes management app for you to help you track, monitor and take control your blood glucose levels.

++ EMAIL your Track PDF Reports and SHARE your Glucose readings with your Doctor

++ Record your progress with Food, Exercise and other activities.

++ Very simple and Easy to use Interface.


++ WEIGHT ++
++ CARBS ++
++ WATER ++


+++ Offline Food Database with Over 175,000 foods,restaurant foods etc.
+++ Monitor nutrition ingredients,calories, fiber,sugers etc

++ Calendar gives you the glimpse of your daily takings and your activities.
++ Glucose module lets you track your daily glucose levels on day to day and Time to Time
++ You can Add / Edit / Delete glucose records in Glucose module
++ Record the amount of medication taken
++ Track your food habituates with Carbs Module.
++ View the bar on carbs module to analyze food taken daily
++ Track your Daily Weight, Activities, exercise levels
++ Check the Amount of water taken daily with water module very easily and effectively
++ Change the Units as S.I. or local US units
++ Set your daily goals/Allowance on settings module.
++ Perfect for Diabetes Track Management.
++ OverView Lets you know the Amount of Glucose,medication,Weight,Carbs,water taken on monthly calendar
++ You can add unlimited number of records with out any In App Purchases
++ No Internet connection is required except for sharing your data.
++ All the data is stored with in the App.
++ Add Notes to each Log record.
++ With EMAIL and WIFI Sharing Functionality you can send your records to your doctor in PDF Format.
++ Budget your daily carb allowance.
++ Track your weight and BMI changes.
++ Offline Food database to track your carbs and sugar quantity taken.
++ Reports Module lets you convert your data into PDF reports and share them via Email/Wifi.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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