OnlineDermClinic – Skin Problem? Consult a U.S. board certified dermatologist anytime, anywhere!


Skin Problem? Consult a U.S. board certified dermatologist anytime, anywhere!

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Skin Problem? Consult a U.S. board certified dermatologist anytime, anywhere!

Upload photos of of your skin problem, answer a few questions, and submit. It’s that easy!

Receive an assessment and plan within two business days.

Visit to watch dozens of disease specific video tutorials including: skin cancer, melanoma, moles, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum, rosacea, pityriasis rosea, eczema, acne, scabies, bird mite infestation and many more.

The Why: Throughout much of the United States, there are relatively few physicians practicing the specialty of dermatology. Thus, waiting times for an appointment may stretch from weeks to even months. At our goal is to provide rapid access to compassionate, affordable and expert health care by using the technological advances of today and tomorrow to the benefit patients.

The How: Get a dermatology diagnosis quickly! If you have a rash, skin growth, changing mole, itchy skin problem, or any condition of the skin, hair, or nails, then get rapid medical attention using the photo consult tools by Try the OnlineDermClinic App or use your computer and go to Having a virtual appointment allows patients much-needed access to U.S. board certified dermatologists for diagnosis and management of skin disease. If the physician providing your “virtual consult” thinks your problem requires an in person visit, he or she will see you or attempt to contact a local dermatologist in your area to arrange an expedited, in-person consultation. Our hope is that, with time, patients in every state will have access to a dermatologist in the medical network. Tell your local dermatologist about this service!

The Greater Good: With DermAid, which is the first-of-its kind humanitarian cyber consult, we are taking our unique service worldwide. Participating dermatologists can travel virtually throughout the globe providing care to those in need. Utilizing this technology, volunteer dermatologists are paired with registered aid organizations who submit photos of patients’ skin problems to for assessment and treatment options. Each paid consult helps make this aid program possible.

The Sharing of Ideas: Another remarkable innovation is our DermaLearn diagnosis wizard, which is an algorithmic-based set of questions to help patients and mid-level health care providers arrive at a prioritized list of potential diagnoses, or what physicians call a differential diagnosis. also provides an extensive written and video library of diseases and treatment options for education and research.

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CommunityHealth Kit – Toolkits are a useful job aids for health workers.

CommunityHealth Kit

Toolkits are a useful job aids for health workers.

CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 0CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 1CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 2CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 3CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 4CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 5CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 6CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 7CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 8CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 9CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 10CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 11CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 12CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 13CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 14CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 15CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 16CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 17CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 18CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 19CommunityHealth Kit screenshot 20

Toolkits are a useful job aids for health workers. They provide quick access and reminders to relevant information the health worker needs as they carry out their work in providing quality counsellings and services to their clients.

This toolkit was written and curated by the African Radio Drama Association as part of their Community Health Matters project, with funding provided by the TY Danjuma Foundation as part of their Community Health Initiatives funding stream which provides funding for initiatives that strengthen and consolidate rural health care service and delivery systems.

The aim of the Community Health Matters project is to build the capacity of Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) to improve maternal and child health in 2 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Taraba State. The carefully designed and packaged content is intended to build the capacity of CHEWs in Takum and Bali LGAs to provide quality counseling services to the community and should be used during health education and counseling sessions with clients and community members.

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Calculadora de Aleitamento – How much milk your baby need? Lactation The calculator gives you the answer.

Calculadora de Aleitamento

How much milk your baby need? Lactation The calculator gives you the answer.

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Breastfeeding a child is always a challenge and a source of concern for parents.
Lactation The calculator is the best application to help parents and pediatricians determine the correct amount of milk to give your baby a day and feeding.
Just enter the weight of your baby, choose the number of times a day / time slots in which the food and will immediately get the correct amount.

    * Choose feed ranges from 2 to 6 hours;
    * Immediately gets the necessary amount for the selected power range and for the whole day;
    * Free!

Note: All calculations of this application is for reference only. All babies have unique eating habits that depend on different conditions. Our aim is to improve the calculations to meet individual needs.

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YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India – YScart – Buy Prescription, OTC Medicine, Health & Beauty products across India

YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India

YScart – Buy Prescription, OTC Medicine, Health & Beauty products across India

YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 0YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 1YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 2YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 3YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 4YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 5YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 6YScart -Trusted Pharmacy India screenshot 7 most Trusted Online Medical Shop, allows users to buy Prescription, OTC Medicine, Health & Beauty products (Personal Care, Wellness Products, Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Mother & Baby Care, Diet & Nutrition Products), across India.

With YScart App, getting the medicine you need is made simple. Just 1 Step to place your order for medicine, conveniently order your medicines from anywhere.

App Features:
1. One Step Procedure to place an order for Medicines
2. Option to Choose a Pharmacy Nearby you
3. PICKUP from a Pharmacy / DELIVERY at your Doorstep
4. Pay by COD / Online (Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking)

YScart Features:
5. One Stop Shop – For all your Medicines, Health & Beauty Products
6. Max Discount (Guaranteed highest discount than anyone else in the Market)
7. Delivery to 20,000 Pincodes in India
8. FREE SHIPPING across India

1. Save on Medical Bills with Discounts
2. Save on Income Tax Deductions
3. Referral Cashback

Procedure to Place an Order via YScart App :
Open App -> Enter your name, email, phone # -> Upload Prescription -> (Optional) Choose a Pharmacy Nearby -> Choose Pickup / Delivery -> Choose Payment Type – COD / Online -> Click “Request Medicines” -> You’ll receive a call to confirm the medicines & Qty -> (Optional) Quote with Link for payment will be sent if Online Payment is Selected -> Order Placed

Procedure to Place an Order at :
1. Visit

2. Upload your prescription
3. Receive a call / sms / email, intimating the products are added to cart
4. Review the medicines, order, quantity

OTC Medicines / Health & Beauty Products:
2. Search for the product you are looking for
3. Add to Cart
4. Review products in Cart Page

Checkout & Payment
5. Checkout, Enter your Delivery Address
6. Select payment type – COD / Online (Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking).
7. Confirm Order

About (YScart Technologies Pvt Ltd), which is series A funded start up – and we are into the business of selling Prescription Medicines, General Medicines, Health & Beauty products, across India.

But differentiator here is that – our bigger purpose is not to sell medicines online but to bringing best of pharmacy to your doorstep, and make medicines available to all parts of country, to all strata of society and make India’s health index better.

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Mémento PSC1 – Memento pipes to hold PSC1 by a lifeguard.

Mémento PSC1

Memento pipes to hold PSC1 by a lifeguard.

Mémento PSC1 screenshot 0Mémento PSC1 screenshot 1Mémento PSC1 screenshot 2Mémento PSC1 screenshot 3

PSC1 Diary is a collection of first aid to be provided by a PSC1 rescuer.

The content of the application is based on the database of the Civil Prevention and Rescue Training Level 1 drafted by the Ministry of Interior.

With this Notice PSC1 you can review the procedures to follow:
– Alerts
– Smothering
– Discomfort
– Loss of consciousness
– Wounds
– Haemorrhage
– Cardiac arrest
– Burns
– Trauma

You can also test your knowledge through a Quiz 5 questions.

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CytoAtlas – CytoAtlas is a Cytopathology reference tool.


CytoAtlas is a Cytopathology reference tool.

CytoAtlas screenshot 0CytoAtlas screenshot 1CytoAtlas screenshot 2

CytoAtlas provides a quick and handy Cytopathology reference tool with focus on diagnostic criteria.

– Over 800 high quality slide images from exfoliative and aspiration cytology
– Over 120 diagnostic entities in Cytopathology categorized by different organ systems
– Slide images including direct smears, cell blocks, and liquid-based preparations
– Key morphologic characteristics including architecture, nuclear, and cytologic features
– Reference to journal articles and ancillary studies, if relevant

– Intuitive and user friendly interface
– Chapters can be navigated by scrolling up and down
– Images can be opened by tapping and selecting a diagnostic entity
– Multiple images can be navigated by swiping to the right
– High quality slide images with zoom and pan function
– Full screen images can be accessed by tapping the image
– Key features can be accessed by swiping to the left
– Search through the database to quickly find the right diagnostic entity
– CytoAtlas requires an active internet to view images

CytoAtlas is intended to be a learning aid for physicians, medical students and technologists interested in Cytopathology and provides a quick reference resource for common cytologic diagnoses. Created by Cytopathologists the current database has over 800 high quality slide images with morphologic descriptions and highlighted key features in over 100 diagnostic entities. In this initial release we have included the most common entities, including normal and malignant, that are encountered in the practice of exfoliative and aspiration cytology.

We are always looking to make improvements to our products. Visit us at with questions or suggestions.

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