VitalHub Chart – Easy, intuitive access to patient information from multiple EMR systems.

VitalHub Chart

Easy, intuitive access to patient information from multiple EMR systems.

VitalHub Chart screenshot 0VitalHub Chart screenshot 1VitalHub Chart screenshot 2VitalHub Chart screenshot 3VitalHub Chart screenshot 4VitalHub Chart screenshot 5VitalHub Chart screenshot 6VitalHub Chart screenshot 7VitalHub Chart screenshot 8VitalHub Chart screenshot 9VitalHub Chart screenshot 10VitalHub Chart screenshot 11VitalHub Chart screenshot 12

VitalHub Chart is for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health professionals. Get easy, intuitive access to patient information from your hospital’s EMR systems.

VitalHub Chart puts patient data at your fingertips. You can access the information you need any time, anywhere there is WiFi or cellular service. No more waiting for a free desktop, hunting for a workstation on wheels, or carrying printouts on rounds.

•Easy access to your patient lists
•Quick summary views give you concise, relevant patient status at-a-glance
•User-customizable for your medical specialty
•One-touch access to the full patient chart
•Review lab results from multiple clinical systems
•Access patient demographics and allergies
•Review new critical results
•Review result summaries and the actual Report of Record
•Review historical lab results
•Review orders and status
•Review medication history

VitalHub goes beyond data access and delivery. With VitalHub Chart you customize the type and order of information you choose to see. Customizable workflows reflect your existing clinical practices. VitalHub Chart works the way you do. We don’t just facilitate the clinician experience – we enhance it.

IMPORTANT: In order to use VitalHub Chart with actual patient data, your hospital must install VitalHub Server. This application includes an offline training mode that lets you become familiar with the features of VitalHub Chart using sample data.

See detail information and download apk file:


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