audibene – einfach gut hören – The Audi bene app is your road to better hearing!

audibene - einfach gut hören

The Audi bene app is your road to better hearing!

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The Audi bene app is your road to better hearing!
Hearing Test – Free Video Advice – Höranalyse – Success Stories

The Audi bene app provides neutral, free video consultation with expert tips hearing loss, hearing aids, manufacturers and prices.
Start with our hearing test and get professional support from our hearing care professional.
Our app is the easiest way to the hearing aid that really suits you.

With the app, you can audi bene

– Test your hearing
– Seek advice via video chat from our experts
– Easy, free and without obligation to use expertise
Read Success Stories from hearing-aid makers –
– Get an appointment with one of our quality-tested partner audiologist in your area on request
– Find exactly the right hearing aid for your needs


Individual video consultation with the audi bene App

The Audi bene app gives you the opportunity to get advice quickly, easily and free of professional hearing care professional via video chat or phone.
Learn all about different types of hearing loss and the best hearing aids from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, ReSound, Audio Service and others.
Profit from the individual video advice: Clarify all your questions in a personal, no-obligation consultation – quite directly and from anywhere.
Inform yourself about tinnitus, hearing loss and Co and read from satisfied hearing instrument makers, such as hearing aids and help improve quality of life.
You also find with our help the optimal hearing aid for you. On request, in addition to the consultation an appointment with one of our acousticians at your site.


audi bene is the geographically largest hearing care professional in Germany. The company stands for independent advice from experienced experts.
For the extraordinary customer satisfaction audi bene became the first hearing care with the TÜV SÜD seal of approval.


Achim Sackmann: Professional advice at every level. The advice at Audi was really bene einwandtfrei. Until I had my hearing aid found someone was always at my side. It has received close attention to me. Highly recommended!

Susanne Luebke: Audi bene I found the hearing, which suits me … I’ve always been sporty and much in the fresh air. When my ears were worse, me curtailed the. My first hearing aids changed hardly anything in it. Then I learned from my brother in law of audi bene. audi bene helped me to my current “ears” … with whom I can even go swimming!

Rudolf Krause: A completely new outlook on life! Hearing aid never came for me actually in question. I just resisted it to the scrap heap. At the request of my wife, I then informed me yet. Now I’m thrilled! I hear again little things that I had forgotten. My high-tech devices are also anything but dowdy. I can even connect my Iphone. Thank Audi Bene!

Henning Grashoff: Great service! Quick help! After I had my hearing problem postponed too long, was important to me that I will be helped quickly and easily. Audi Bene has done just that!

Renate Koch: Thanks to Audi Bene I can hear well again! I did not think that a hearing aid is something for me, because my girlfriend was always dissatisfied with her. Now I know that it has much to do with the proper adjustment. I am absolutely satisfied with my device and have recommended my friend Audi Bene.


You can also find us at:


If you have questions or suggestions please contact us at: or at 030 22 01 24 626th

You can find us at: Audi Raised, audi bene, audi level

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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