Schmerz- und Palliativtag 2016 – Pain Medicine is all about something.

Schmerz- und Palliativtag 2016

Pain Medicine is all about something.

Schmerz- und Palliativtag 2016 screenshot 0Schmerz- und Palliativtag 2016 screenshot 1

The variety of pain in daily life affects everyone – whether as victims, as a partner, as a companion in the healing professions, as providers / health insurance company or a politician. Seize this relevance in daily life and practical supply concepts had to be developed and for over 30 years a major concern of the German Society for Pain Medicine and the German Pain and Palliative day.

It is true, often seemingly questioning granted critical and to provide the care of patients in the center of all considerations and efforts. With its practice-oriented alignment also this 27th German pain and Palliativtag wants you med roadproof painful medical knowledge and skills through lectures, hands-on workshops, discussions and Dr. enter Gerhard HH Müller-Schwefe seminars at hand -. Directly from the research in the daily work. I look forward to a stimulating and interesting conference with you and greet you warmly

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