DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook – DiaLog: Quick and easy daily accounting for diabetics.

DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook

DiaLog: Quick and easy daily accounting for diabetics.

DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 0DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 1DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 2DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 3DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 4DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 5DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 6DiaLog: Diabetes Logbook screenshot 7

DiaLog has been developed with the aim of simplifying day-to-day accounting of insulin-dependent diabetics.

– Adding new records through a combined form.
– Built-in configurable insulin calculator.
– Optional food database with nutritions.
– Optional online cloud synchronisation with DiaCloud.de.
– Reminder function.
– Display of old records in a list view.
– Full text search for record notes.
– Diagrams for glucose records.
– Export of reports in HTML format.
– XLS export into Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc.
– Optional data upload via FTP, SFTP and mail.
– Simple PHP Frontend to view uploaded reports.
– Basic statistics still under development.
– Support for different measurement units.
– Widgets displaying last records.
– English, German and Danish user interface.
– Data backup and recovery on SD card.

DiaLog respects your privacy and does not transmit any personal records over the internet; except you are using the optional upload or cloud synchronization functions.
The cloud service is operated on private owned servers in Germany and uses strong modern cryptographic systems to protect your sensitive data. All data transfers are encrypted and the stored data can only be decrypted with your personal password.
Your data always belongs to you.

The permissions to access the sd card are required for data backup and the network access permission is used by the upload and cloud synchronization functions. The vibrate and wacke lock permissions are required for the alarm function. Further details see data privacy statement.

This application is a completely private development during my spare time and still is in a development state. Please send all your feedback and proposals directly to me by mail so I can answer them.

There is also a free demo version which can be used for 30 days without any further restrictions. If you like this app and want to continue using it, this paid version has to be purchased. Your data can be transferred by using the backup and restore function. All returns directly insure to the benefit of the software developer and therefore make an active contribution to the future development of DiaLog. If you run into trouble with the Google Licensing service, please send me a mail with your Google Account name.

Demo version on Google Play Store:

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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