Pflege App – Little helper for nurses in ambulatory care and carers.

Pflege App

Little helper for nurses in ambulatory care and carers.

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The Care App is a simple app for nurses in home care services as well as for (care) members.

It includes:

1. emergency medical service:
Here you will find links or phone numbers in order to make the medical emergency service / emergency services in your area identify.

2. Apothekennotdienst:
To find and link a phone number hours chemists in your area.

3. body mass index calculator:
In many care services of the BMI of the customer is regularly recorded. It can calculate hereby easily.

4. Book tips & links:
For many care topics.

5. Survey everyday skills:
Here you can check the daily living and see whether a restriction exists (as in dementia) – and to what extent.

6. Survey care:
Here you have the option of minutes in the areas of personal care, intestinal enter & urination, nutrition and mobility and to calculate the total number of minutes per day.
So you can see, in what level of care the person would have to be classified.

7. Services of the care funds:
Overview of the care levels 0 to 3 and the relevant maintenance services of nursing care insurance as part of the long-term care:
– Care allowance or care benefits in kind, including the increases in limited everyday skills.
– Day care, night care, respite care and respite care.
– Explanation of various terms (for example, combined power).

8. needlestick injuries:
Learn more about emergency measures by the BGW.

9. Telephone assistance:
Telephone numbers of telephone counseling and the Alzheimer’s phone.

10. Surcharges:
Details on the different co-payments.

11. Planned Changes 2017:
Information about the new nursing degrees and the new evaluation procedure.

What content would still fit in the app?

Please send your feedback to each Care app to

Detail information:


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