MitHelbred – Self service for Danish citizens by GPs and physiotherapists


Self service for Danish citizens by GPs and physiotherapists

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It’s never been easier to contact their own doctor or physiotherapist. MitHelbred access to online self-service for Danish citizens by GPs and physiotherapists. Nearly half of all medical clinics in Denmark can be accessed through the app.

Features of GPs:
• Book time for consultation
• Reorder real medicine
• Online consultation at the doctor

Features of physiotherapists:
• Book an appointment for treatment

Note: It is necessary that the doctor and / or physiotherapist uses an electronic patient record system developed by CompuGroup Medical.
Some clinics do not offer full functionality!

Description of the individual functions:

Fremsøg clinic: Find a clinic by having GPS functionality search clinics near you or via a free text search.

Use directory: display the path to the clinic by using the “Guide Me” function. The clinic is displayed on a map and that can create a directions from your location.

Sign in: Already established on ePortalen from your physician can log in with CPR number and password. If you have not previously logged in, you can visit the clinic’s website to create a user account. You can then log in and use the self-service.

Appointments: Works by creating a time directly in the selected professional’s calendar. Everything finisher setup, you can book time directly or inquire at one time. A requested time is confirmed by the clinician via e-mail. Future times can also be seen in this view.

Reorder real medicine: Fixed prescribed medications can be replenished when the requirements your doctor has set for former ordinationers expired and genbestillingstid are met. You have the option to choose between your fixed dispensary or prescription server accessed from any pharmacy in the country.

Online consultation: Send a message to your doctor. In the message, you can ask questions, provide information on the symptoms and much else but with limited message space. Your doctor can answer the message and you will be notified via email when there is a response in the app.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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