Homeophone VIP – App intended for users of homeopathy. Send to friends remedies. Calendar

Homeophone VIP

App intended for users of homeopathy. Send to friends remedies. Calendar

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IMPORTANT: This app is intended for professional homeopaths I profesionales.Solo homeopathy can understand and make good use of this app.

Recent research in quantum physics applied to medicine have provided new insights to understand the origin of some diseases, and even provide us with a new approach to treatment. In recent years they have developed some therapeutic systems that contain chemical substances (homeopathy, Bach flowers …); today we have enough knowledge to know that the essence of the action of these drugs is in quantum physics. Each of these drugs has a particular vibration, a length and a specific wave frequency. Applied in the body that frequency changes some electromagnetic microfields generated between the cells not having the activity that should. This vibrational frequency can be returned in several ways: light, music …
The wave frequency can be transmitted from a mobile phone to water that is used as a physical element to the transmission frequency of each remedy.
The fundamental strength of this application is the immediate collection, anywhere and at any time, a remedy / medicine, ie, immediate obtaining a particular wave frequency.
It is extremely handy to have on hand a tool that allows us to obtain almost any homeopathic remedy.
How do I get the medicine?
Obtaining drug is based on physico-quantum principles. From the terminal a water- -the frequency transmitting substrate of a substance. The detailed explanation of this procedure found in the instructions given in the program.
How should I take my medication?
It is a function of what prescribed by the homeopath. You can replace the usual decision-making pellets by the water impregnated with the frequency of the drug in question. In Homeopathy the amount per dose of the remedy is not relevant. The important thing is to provide relevant information to the agency; and that can be achieved with both small and large quantities.
What kinds of medicines can I get?
They are drug / energy-regulators, remedies nature of homeopathy.
Should I fear any side effects?
Given the nature of -energético-regulator-medication it is impossible, for example you have reactions like allergies, nausea, vomiting, dizziness … In fact these drugs are best in more delicate situations like pregnancy, pediatric age, impaired immunity…
Will these medicines interact with regular medication?
No, in fact many homeopaths simultanean both medications until the patient’s improvement advised to reduce the most toxic medication, but this should be done under your doctor’s indication.

This program is not intended to replace consultation with a professional. It has already been said that it is trivial inconvenience. When the discomfort is of dubious origin, long-term, it is appropriate advice from a specialist.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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