Rettungsdienst App – All information relevant for the ambulance service emergency, medicines and much more. in one app.

Rettungsdienst App

All information relevant for the ambulance service emergency, medicines and much more. in one app.

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The “Rescue Service App” facilitates all in the emergency rescue workers daily work. Whether you are a full-time basis In addition to officially or volunteers. The many practical functions will support you in your work and help to better help.

o emergencies
The compact reference for more than 60 classic alarm images in the emergency service. From Aspiration through to the venous vascular occlusion. All with definition, symptoms, specific hazards and procedures – specifically tailored to paramedics, paramedics and ambulance attendant. You have until the arrival of the emergency physician everything under control.

Search by category:
– Breathing
– Cardiovascular system, vessels
– Intoxication
– Pediatric emergencies
– Gastrointestinal tract
– Neurology
– Shock
– Thermal emergencies

o medicines
A handy reference for key medicines in emergency medicine. With indications, contraindications and side effects.

o GPS channel localization
Learn which control center is responsible for you and what emergency transport / fire channel is correct. Including push notification when changes the control center. Even without an Internet connection.
In addition, you can display the exact coordinates of your location. Ideal for use with rescue helicopters.

o ECG images
The main cardiac arrhythmias such as atrioventricular block II ° or ventricular tachycardia, vividly visualized.

o radio channels
The only app with bad radio channels for the whole of Germany. All 16 states with emergency services, fire brigade, civil protection, mountain rescue and THW channels. Including digital radio call groups and speed dials!

o oxygen machines
In intensive relocation of O2 reserve in advance should be calculated exactly. This feature allows for easy, frequently used in emergency medicine calculation, the oxygen supply at O2 bottles up to 15 liters of volume and 300 bar pressure.

You have questions, suggestions or criticism?
Over a short email to we would be very happy!

The icons used in the app come from

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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