schmerzApp – First German App with all information related to the topic of pain.


First German App with all information related to the topic of pain.

schmerzApp screenshot 0schmerzApp screenshot 1schmerzApp screenshot 2schmerzApp screenshot 3schmerzApp screenshot 4schmerzApp screenshot 5schmerzApp screenshot 6schmerzApp screenshot 7schmerzApp screenshot 8schmerzApp screenshot 9schmerzApp screenshot 10schmerzApp screenshot 11

At the initiative of the Working Group Patient Information Deutsche Pain Society e. V. published these under the title schmerzApp the first German-language app to all relevant information quick and short articles on the subject of pain.

So far there was no app that the layman offered the possibility to get an overview of the medium Smartphone to many different aspects of pain, pain disorders and pain therapies. Are based on our schmerzApp over 50 posts, at its creation some 40 pain experts were involved.

Additional information is available on the club’s website dgss_org.
The app also introduces an interactive Pain Questionnaire study of pool, a scientific survey tool to learn requests and suggestions of users, which are then naturally detected and evaluated anonymously. Web links refer to external content and contact information to various advice centers, which are open all by link immediately in your browser.

Text design: Hans-Günter Nobis / spokesman AK-Patient information
Design and realization: smart-Q Software Systeme GmbH
Contact: Thomas Isenberg / German Pain Society

Download apk file for your android phone:


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